Now everything is better with Corporate Payment (CorPay). You can monitor your corporate bill accounts, payment status, set up payment schedule, and download copy of invoice, 24/7.

Corporate Payment (CorPay) can be used by all Indosat Ooredoo Business customers: Mobile, data communication, satellite, M2M, and IT services


You can monitor all your corporate billing account list including all the services used.


You can check the selected bills according your requirement.


You can set the payment schedule and determine the amount to pay the bills.


You can monitor all payment transaction status which is paid through account bank that is valid in the corporate payment info.


With the Invoice feature, you can download the copy of invoice for the last six months.

FAQ Corporate Payment

  • What is CorPay?
    Corpay is the application based on Web for the corporate customer with abilities to:
    • Checking billing information.
    • Download last 6 month invoice.
    • Payment schedule.
    • Real time information related to update payment for all postpaid services (Mobile and MIDI/Connectivity.
  • Does every corporate customer can access this web?
    Yes, every corporate customer for the postpaid services which the service is still active can access the Corpay.
  • How to access this Corpay?
    Customers can access over the internet (through the browser) in desktop, laptop, tablet or even smart phone by this address
  • How to log in into Corpay?
    Below is the steps to log in into CorPay :
    • Customer can using the User name with the Customer Account which captured in the invoice (MTX0xxx).
    • To get the password, customer can click the link "Anda tidak memiliki Akses" in CorPay homepage.
    • Password will be sent automatically by email to the PIC of the corporate customer who has been registered in the order form.
  • What should do if customer forgot the password to log in into CorPay?
    Click "Lupa password?"in Corpay homepage. Follow the instructions to reset the password to the feature. New password will be sent by email to the PIC registered.
  • What features are in the CorPay?
    By some features in this Corpay, customer will be able to:
    • Monitoring the list of the Billing Account.
    • Query or Filter the billing starting from the Level Corporate Customer Account (CCA), Corporate Account (CA), Billing Account (BA) and Virtual Account (VA).
    • Payment schedule and the amount through Feature promise to pay.
    • Monitoring the payment transaction.
    • Download the copy invoice for the last 6 month.
  • What bills are in the CorPay?
    Customers can check the detail of a mobile postpaid billing and MIDI which is still open from Jan 2016 until the current billing.
  • What is the difference between billing/payment in level CCA/CA/BA?
    There are some levels for the billing as below:
    • Payment in level CCA means customer made the payment for some CCAs.
    • Payment in level CA means customer made the payment for some Bas.
    • Payment in level BA means customer made the payment for some invoices number.
    • Payment in level CCA/CA and BA will be allocated to the longest /long overdue invoice.
    • However, we would recommend that customer made the payment in invoice level.
  • What is feature Promise to Pay?
    From this feature customer can do payment schedule and determine the payment amount based on level CCA/CA/BA. Customers will receive the notifications and the reminder based on the scheduled date that has been made.
  • Does it able to make a partial payment?
    Yes, it does
  • How the mechanism of CorPay so that the payment record can be booked appropriately?
    Below are the mechanism:
    • Customer can do payment schedule through feature Promise to Pay in level CCA/CA/BA.
    • Customer can make a payment from any Bank to Bank Mandiri Account applied in CorPay or Mandiri Virtual account captured in invoice.
  • Is it possible to make a payment without access the feature Promise To Pay?
    Payment still can be made as usual without accessing Corpay by the Virtual account or Regular account.
  • Is it possible to paid not in accordance with the Promise to pay?
    Yes, it is.
  • What if the customer has paid but not update in CorPay?
    There are 2 possibilities that is succeeded or failed. If the payment succeeded but not update in CorPay, the status of this update payment will be found out H+1 (max) after reconciliation process.
  • Invoice paid is different from the invoice update in the system?
    These possibilities that might happened:
    • This can be different in the system if the payment made in the level CCA/CA/BA cause of allocated the payment to the longest overdue invoice.
    • We would recommend to make a payment in level Virtual Account/Invoice so this can be allocated to the meant invoice.
    • Discrepancy in WHT. Please directly send the WHT slip to Indosat office so it can be updated in the system.
  • If the customer already made a payment but the there is still open outstanding?
    It can be caused of:
    • SSP or the WHT slip is not yet received
    • Open for stamp duty or bank charge
    • Payment allocation to the longest overdue invoice since the payment made in level CCA/CA/BA
  • What if the number of the outstanding invoices is not appropriate?
    Billing showed up in the CorPay starting from period Jan 2016 until current. The previous billing period before Jan 2016 can be checked or coordinated with the pic in Indosat directly by sending an email.
  • Why the regular bank account is not show in the CorPay?
    Corpay made for the customers who want to do payment through Mandiri Bank whether it is Virtual Account or Regular Account.
  • What happens if the customer pays through a Bank other than Bank Mandiri or VA Bank Mandiri?
    Customer still can make payment through regular account, VA or a Bank other than Bank Mandiri, but it cannot be seen the update status in a real time.
  • How to check my total outstanding /balance?
    Customers can choose the menu "Inquiry tagihan".The billing appears is the amount outstanding.