For Internet Service Providers (ISP), IP Transit providers an Internet connection that is reliable, performance guranteed, high availability with the shortest route and the fastest response time to popular content provider locations.

Indosat Ooredoo has one of the largest IP backbone in Indonesia and strives to maintain its reputation in providing reliable services even during disaster with fast network restorions making sure your service is back online.

Smart Connectivity Ready - enables you to fully control application bandwidth allocation in your network.

Business class Internet connection

Fully synchronous - upload & download 1Mbps upto 10 Gbps with same speed.

Quick response time and connected to multiple popular Internet content providers by undersea and terrestrial cables.

ON-net Akamai and other content distribution networks.

High performance with the highest SLA compared to other providers

Burstable bandwidht. Allows you to increase bandwidth requirement when high traffic

Flexible, easy in regulating division of international and domestic traffic

Supports IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

Complimentary Only Traffic Utilization Report

Smooth transitions from IPv4 to IPv6 using dual stack solutions.

Transisi IPv4 ke IPv6 yang lancer menggunakan solusi dual stack.