At a Glance

Cloud computing is a real and up to date investment, which requires you to pay only what you use.

Reduse your infrastructure cost with operational cost, operating expense (OPEX) models and simultaneously improve performance with structured needs and security requirements without need for in-house resource.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Public and Private Cloud from Indosat Ooredoo Business is a company-class IaaS service offered through an internet connection or MPLS connection and is designed and built using the best and leading hardware and software infrastructure.

The Indosat Ooredoo Business Cloud Platform is design to support automated interaction and overall settings, in a virtual environment: server, storage, and network elements.

Indosat Ooredoo Business Data Center has a wide range of service to meet customer needs. here are the service provide by Indosat Ooredoo Business Data Center :

A secure and dedicated VLAN (Cloud) network with hardware firewalls load balancer based hardware. Your system is isolate from other cloud infrastructure

Supported by Anti DDOS (Anti Distributed Denial of Services) Hardware and IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) to optimize your security by actively protecting website or online application of cyber attacks.

Manage your vitual cloud server and network anytime anywhere easly with web-based user interface application

Design with integrated and manage platform that will speed up the operation cycle of procurement delivery installations and reduse operating risk if you create your own cloud. Cloud IaaS Indosat Ooredoo Business ensures the security, flexibility, and global access for your organization.


  • Located in the Ooredoo Indosat Business Data Center is ISO 27001 certified
  • Virtual Private Network via MPLS or Internet
  • Load balancer and configurable firewall
  • Configuration right for your cloud administrator
  • Check log for each change
  • Powered by 99.5% SLA for network and server time running


  • Pay only what you in the monthly and hourly pricing plan
  • Web-based applications for ease of automation and quick procurement for installation, updates, or downgrades


  • Cloud Indosat Ooredoo is a member of the Global Cloud Alliance that simplifies you in building and marketing system worldwide to connect to Global Exchange
  • Implementing cutting-edge technology in the Ooredoo Indosat Business Data Center is ISO 2760001 certified

Center Network

VLAN are dedicated to each client. General or personal user-defining connectivity (for VMS). Client is defined as Access List.

Account-Based Security

A uniqe username / password for each administrator.

Role-based access right in controlling the activities of each administrator

Security Management

Checking logs of all environmental changes 24x7x365 DOS / DDOS mitigation General IP monitoring.

Identifies traffic and instability of routing, equipment malfunction, or misconfiguration.

Security Scope

VLAN are dedicated to each client. General or personal user-defining connectivity (for VMS). Client is defined as Access List.

Security Standar

SaS 70 Tipe II.

ISO 27001.

Awarded as Best Data Center Provider of The Year 2013 & 2012.

User Access Safety

VPN Client-to-Site Administration for all servers.

Securing VPN Access.

Company Performance

  • Layered architecture: the network is dividede into three layers: web, applications, and databases
  • Fast access per millisencond between two servers in your cloud network.
  • Leading infrastructure and market leader platform.

Company Control

  • Web-based application for ease of automation and quick procurment for installation, update, or downgrades, or other virtual server modifications
  • Department or user-based log checks
  • Technical support 24 x 7 x 365.

Public Cloud is design for you who need simplify, ease and flexibility of the cloud system.

Package Name Iaas Configuration (monthly)
vCPU GB RAM GB Storage Cloud Network
Micro 1 1 10 1
Small 1 2 100 1
Medium 2 4 100 1
Large 4 8 250 1
  • Package include Windows / Linux OS licenses.
  • More advanced resources such as vCPU, Storage, RAM, Data Transfer / Bandwidh & Network Segment based on additional monthly subcription fees.
  • The number of hours of excess usage will be charged a monthly fee.

Private IaaS is design for you to consolidate the current IT infrastructure and provide data center security with the flexibility offered by the cloud. Witrh a dedicated infrastructure, IaaS Personal offers performance high infrastructure to run enterprise core applications on an efficient and massive scale.

With private Cloud, we guarantee the security of your IT infrastructure by placing it in the environment which is isolate.


  • No CAPEX.
  • Enterprise-class IT infrastructure.
  • Implementation is fast and easy to deploy the Private Cloud ecosystem
  • Simplify operations and management
  • Tailored to your needs.