Before you travel overseas, please make sure you activate "Data Roaming" feature on your smartphone to enjoy the best International Roaming services from IM3 Ooredoo.
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Calling and sending SMS to friends and family abroad is easy and cheap with international direct connection to overseas countries from all Indosat Ooredoo numbers or non-Indosat Ooredoo numbers.

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Welcome to Indonesia! Stay in touch during your travel in Indonesia on Indosat Ooredoo's fastest 4G network. Easy setting from your smartphone.

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International Roaming Services FAQs

  • What is International Roaming services?

    International Roaming by Indosat Ooredoo allows you to enjoy cellular service (voice, SMS, and data) while travelling overseas, with tariff charged refer to Roaming Rates in the respective countries.

  • How to activate International Roaming feature?

    For Prepaid Customer, International Roaming services will be activated automatically. Make sure your IM3 card has enough credit balance to use Roaming services and card is not on Grace Period. You cannot do a call & received call, sending SMS, or using data services when your card is on Grace Period.
    For Postpaid Customer, please make sure your International Roaming feature has been activated and card is not on Blocked condition. Please do settle your bill first to start/continue using Roaming services.

  • How to setup our handset if we want to use Data Roaming overseas?

    You have to make sure below settings on your handset:

    • APN setting : indosatgprs
    • Data Roaming setting : ON/Enable
  • How is the tariff scheme while using Data Roaming overseas?

    For example, while you roam in Singapore:

    • If your Data Roaming usage is still below Rp 149.000, you will be charged retail rate = Rp 275/KB.
    • When your Data Roaming usage have reached maximum daily capped of Rp 149.000, then you can continue to use your data roaming benefit unlimited until 23.59 WIB (or 22.59 Singapore time) without any additional charge.
  • How is the tariff scheme if we using Data Roaming in multi countries?

    If you travel to another country, your Data Roaming benefit will be reset and you will be charged the daily cap tariff refer to the data roaming tariff in the destination country. For example;

    • You had a transit in Singapore at 07.00 WIB. Then you resume your flight and arrived in Thailand at 19.00 WIB. If you use your data roaming while transit in Singapore and also while in Thailand, then you will be charged at maximum Rp 298.000 (Rp 149.000 for usage in Singapore and Rp 149.000 for usage in Thailand).
    • You arrived in Singapore at 07.00 WIB. Then you travel to Malaysia at 10.00 WIB, and back to Singapore at 19.00 WIB. If you use your data roaming during travelling in Singapore-Malaysia-Singapore, you will be charged at maximum Rp 447.000 (Rp 149.000 in Singapore, Rp 149.000 in Malaysia, and Rp 149.000 while roaming in Singapore for the second time).
  • How if our balance is low while roaming overseas?
    You can top-up your balance using internet banking or via https://topup.indosatooredoo.com/ using your credit card or debit card. You also can ask your family or colleagues who were in Indonesia to do a reload by dialing *122*6*Their Phone Number#.

Term & Conditions International Roaming Services
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