Mentari Ooredoo Aura


A 24 hour non-stop pack for free calls among your family and friends, and free access to social media & women's info just by topping-up Rp 10,000.

Top-up Phonecall Bonus Internet Bonus Active Period Bonus
Rp10.000 & Rp12.000 FREE 24-hour calls to 4 Indosat Ooredoo numbers that you've listed FREE access to FB, twitter, online shops, and Women's Info 7 days
Rp25.000 20 days
≥ Rp50.000 30 days

And also get a FREE shopping voucher for PinkEmma!


00:00 - 17:00 17:00 - 24:00
Phone Call Tariff
To the same Operator National Rp 150/minute Rp 375/minute
To Other Operators National Rp 800/minute
Rp 15/sec, if Main credit less than Rp 1.000
Rp 1.100/minute
Rp 15/sec, if Main credit less than Rp 1.000
SMS Tariff
To All Operators National
to Indosat Ooredoo Numbers &
25 SMS to All Operators
after 2 SMS (Rp 400/SMS),
after the bonus runs out: Rp200/SMS (to Indosat Ooredoo Number) and Rp150/SMS (other operator)
Rp 200/SMS
Click Here
Internet Tariff
(Rp 300/100 KB)


Type *123*400# choose Join Aura Package menu (applicable for IM3 Ooredoo & Mentari Ooredoo, for both new and existing customers).


Join Mentari Ooredoo Aura and get free shopping vouchers from PinkEmma:

  1. Rp20,000Shopping voucher
  2. Rp50,000Shopping voucher


Dial *123*400*6# select menu Web Gratis

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The 20,000 Shopping Voucher can only be obtained once per customer and the voucher usage has no terms.
  2. The 50,000 Shopping Voucher can only be obtained after registration (Rp 3,000/week).
  3. A customer who registers for the Rp 50,000 voucher automatically becomes a member of the PinkEmma community and is entitled for talk-time and SMS benefits to other community members and also for the Women's Info content which will be sent via SMS twice a week.
  4. To maintain service quality for the convenience of customers Indosat Ooredoo has the right to change the applying promo scheme at any time.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Talk-time Bonus Quota per day: 60 minutes (00-17) and 30 minutes (17-24).
  2. Access Bonus Quota per day: Unlimited (00-06) and 10 MB (06-24).
  3. For the daily access bonus please visit:
  4. Talk-time and Internet Bonuses do not take up credit.
  5. Check remaining bonus via UMB *123*400*3# or *555*8#
  1. Free SMS and data can only be used once per day.
  2. If the talk-time and internet bonuses are not used then they will be made void at the end of the day.
  3. After the SMS bonus has run out the applying tariff is Rp 99/SMS.
  4. This pack cannot do credit transfer.
  5. The tariff applies nationally and includes VAT.
  6. Check the remaining SMS and Internet bonuses by dialing *123*400*3# or *557#
  7. The fee to switch packs is according to the prevailing terms.
  8. The Rp 12,000 top-up bonus still applies in this pack.
  9. Hebat Keluarga 500 still applies.
  10. Mentari Ooredoo Aura pack applies as of 7 May 2013.
  11. Exiting the Mentari Ooredoo Aura pack will incur a fee of Rp 5,000
  12. Tarif dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu sesuai dengan kebijakan tarif Indosat Ooredoo yang akan diinformasikan melalui website
  13. Indosat Ooredoo dapat memberlakukan tarif yang berbeda untuk akhir pekan dan hari-hari tertentu sesuai dengan kebijakan tarif sebagaimana ditetapkan oleh Indosat Ooredoo