47 Tahun Inovasi Untuk Negeri


Shown in the picture: Alexander Rusli, President Director & CEO of Indosat Ooredoo (center) and John Martin Thompson, Director & Chief Technology Officer Indosat Ooredoo (right) accompanying Rudiantara, Minister of Communication and Information (left) to witness the results of the network speed test of Indosat "Super 4G-LTE ".

Shown in the picture: Alexander Rusli, President Director & CEO of Indosat Ooredoo (center), John Martin Thompson, Director & Chief Technology Officer Indosat Ooredoo (second from left), Loong Tuck Weng, Chief Marketing Officer of Indosat (second from right), Kevin Henry, Group Head of Data & VAS Indosat Ooredoo (far left), and Fuad Fachroeddin, Group Head of Indosat Corporate Communications, during the introduction of the fastest LTE network in Indonesia, "Super 4G-LTE".

Jakarta, November 20, 2014 -47 years of innovation for the nation, on the day of the 47th birthday, Indosat Ooredoo introduced the fastest LTE network in Indonesia, "Super 4G-LTE", with speed up to 185 Mbps. This also marks the completion of network modernization process in 23 cities across Indonesia in order to prepare Indosat Ooredoo's network to be ready for the "Super 4G-LTE".

"At this 47th anniversary, we proudly present before the media, the fastest LTE network in Indonesia. This enables our customers to enjoy the latest technology in the industry, which provides the highest speed and stable data services that makes all communication activities to be done easily, quickly and comfortably. Indosat Ooredoo is committed to lead in innovating and providing the best for the people in Indonesia, "said the President Director & CEO of Indosat Ooredoo Alexander Rusli during Indosat Ooredoo 47th anniversary which was also attended by the Minister of Communications and Information Rudiantara, in Jakarta, 20 November 2014.

Indosat Ooredoo ensures to always be at the forefront in providing the best experience for the customer. The focus to always have the best network started with the launch of 'Indosat Ooredoo Super 3G +' with speed up to 7.2 Mbps. Followed by the launch of 'Indosat Ooredoo Super WiFi' in 8 major cities at speed up to 20 Mbps. Furthermore, it is followed by Network Modernization process in which Indosat Ooredoo introduced the 'Super Internet' by using U900 technology and DC-HSPA + in 23 cities at speeds up to 42 Mbps, which provides better signal quality in both indoor and outdoor. The technology, besides improving the voice quality and SMS services, also provides the best experience for the data customers in performing a variety of virtual activities such as browsing, uploading files, or watching HD video as well as live streaming.

The efforts to improve network quality does not stop here, Indosat Ooredoo continued by presenting the "Super 4G-LTE" with download speed of up to 185 Mbps and upload speed of up to 41 Mbps, which is the fastest 4G LTE in Indonesia today.

Not only focusing on building networks with the latest technology, Indosat Ooredoo is also committed to build supporting ecosystems in order for the people to enjoy the benefits of the latest technology. Indosat Ooredoo is currently working with various content partners such as Orange-TV (genflix), EA Games, Gameloft to provide services in entertainment, news, health, education, business solutions, and others. Indosat Ooredoo is also currently enables the customers to purchase digital contents using credits from various stores, applications and websites such as Blackberry stores, Facebook Credit, Nokia Store, Windows market place, KakaoTalk, and online games through Coda and Mopay payment gateways. In the near future, Indosat Ooredoo will also establish partnerships with leading international partners for the same service. In order to further develop the ecosystem that has been built, Indosat Ooredoo also encourages the emergence of local content industry players through the development of an incubation program for young developers via IWIC and Ideabox.

Indosat Ooredoo "Super 4G-LTE" with speed of up to 185 Mbps is expected to increase the ease of communicating for various segment of Indosat Ooredoocustomers, both retail and business customers. Particularly for business customers, this new network can support improvement in operational performance, costs optimization which ultimately results in revenue increase. Indosat Ooredoo "Super 4G-LTE" will provide the flexibility and capability to access information to overcome business opportunities through various services such as business communication services at the best rates. Services for retail and business customers will be supported and equipped with a wide selection of smartphones bundling from leading brands and cloud-based business applications.

Still within the 47th anniversary celebration, Indosat Ooredoo also presented various programs and benefits for customers, namely:

  • Free Seven Eleven Upsize
    Only by exchanging 10 Indosat Senyum points, customers will get Free Slurpee and Hot Coffee Upsize at Seven Eleven. The program starts from 20-23 November 2014
  • Berrybenka Special
    Only by exchanging 10 Indosat Senyum points, customers will get 47% discount in Berrybenka Fashion Online. This program starts from 20-23 November 2014.
  • Buy One Get One Free Admission Ticket at Gelanggang Samudra Ancol
    Indosat Ooredoo's loyal customers could enjoy the fun at the Atlantis Water Adventure or Ocean Dream Samudra Ancol with Buy 1 Get 1 Free Tickets program. Customers who receive an SMS Promo of Indosat Ooredoo could show the SMS to the clerk on site at the time of ticket purchase, with the name of the sender: INDOSAT. This program's period starts from November 15 to December 15, 2014, and one SMS is valid for 2 tickets for one transaction.