IM3 Ooredoo Supports the Struggle of Indonesia's Young Generation Towards Freedom Against Pandemic

Welcoming Indonesian Independence Day, IM3 Ooredoo presents the latest brand campaign with musicians in the country Barasuara, Nadin Amizah, Ardhito Pramono, and The Resonanz Children's Choir conveying a message of encouragement “Teruskan Perjuangan untuk Tetap Merdeka”

Jakarta, 05 August 2020 - The COVID-19 pandemic is far more than a health crisis, it is affecting societies and economies at their core. Millions of Indonesians suddenly lost their job and it has caused a dramatic effects on the wellbeing of families and communities. This difficult situation reminds us that our freedom and independence can be taken away and lost in an instant. Various ways are done to survive, from switching professions to maximizing the ability to find business opportunities by offering a wide range of products and services online.

This situation inspires IM3 Ooredoo to make a new campaign “Teruskan Perjuangan untuk Tetap Merdeka" to commemorate the Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia. Through this campaign, IM3 Ooredoo wants to ignite the spirit of young Indonesians to continue striving for independence in these difficult times with Freedom Internet. The message was also delivered in a music video featuring a real story of how the Internet can provide great support for today's young generation who have switched professions to survive and fight for their independence.

In the music video, IM3 Ooredoo collaborates with young musicians; Barasuara, Ardhito Pramono, Nadin Amizah, and The Resonanz Children's Choir to create and perform a song titled ' Bangkit dan Berlari '. The collaboration between the musicians also based on the actual situation where the pandemic heavily influenced the music industry because of the limitations that did not allow them to do regular work like performing directly on stage. But they did not give up and continue to fight, Barasuara with his story struggling to remain gig online for the sake of fans, Ardhito Pramono still doing virtual gig to keep his crew working, Nadin Amizah who struggled to launch her new album online amid limitations, and The Resonanz Children's Choir who also keeps working from home to support the struggles of all of us.

The amount of enthusiasm and effort of the community show us that Internet (data) plays a very important role for our society to keep getting income and survive living. Thus we support their fight by providing Freedom Internet, a simple internet package with 100% of major and transparent quota without hidden terms and conditions.

Ritesh Kumar Singh, Chief Marketing Officer of Indosat Ooredoo said, "The idea of our campaign is always focused on how IM3 Ooredoo has a real role in people's lives. In this situation we see many people who switch professions in order to survive, struggling at the time of the pandemic with Internet support as one of the main needs. From selling food online, marketing to friends and relatives through social media, group chats, and more. Through the 'Teruskan Perjuanganmu Untuk Tetap Merdeka' campaign, IM3 Ooredoo demonstrated a commitment to support Indonesian society with Freedom Internet to continue striving for freedom in the midst of a pandemic”.

Released close to the celebration of Indonesia's independence day, the campaign is expected to spread the fighting spirit and the optimism of the people to rise and continue to fight for their independence. Because whatever the situation, IM3 Ooredoo believes that there is always a way to survive as long as we can adapt quickly, and IM3 Ooredoo helps facilitate the young people of Indonesia to continue the struggle with Freedom Internet, so you can remain free to find ways.

For more information about the Freedom Internet package, customers can access or through the myIM3 application.