Celebrate Anniversary of RI (The Republic of Indonesia)

Indosat Ooredoo Gives Bonus of Merdeka Pulse Up to 100% For Customers

Only By Refill from Rp 10 thousand

Jakarta, August 5, 2015 – Celebrating Indonesian Independence Day which falls on August 17, Indosat Ooredoo, part of the Ooredoo Group, provides Bonus of Merdeka Pulse up to 100% after the refilling pulse from 10,000 for Indosat Ooredoo prepaid customers, namely IM3 Ooredoo and Mentari Ooredoo.

This promotion is valid from August 4, 2015. To get a Bonus of Merdeka Pulse, customers simply do registration once (FREE) by typing GRATIS send to 123 or to press *123*1000# and select Merdeka Pulse Bonus

After registration is succesfull, customers simply refill pulse Rp 10,000 and then will get pulse bonus of 25%, refill Rp 25,000 will get a 50% pulse bonus and refill Rp 50,000 and more will get a pulse bonus of 100%. Pulse Bonus gained by customers can be used to Call & SMS to fellow Indosat Ooredoo and browse internet up to 7 days at 00:00 to 17:00 pm. To know the bonus pulse that is obtained, simply press *555*3#.

Program of Merdeka Pulse Bonus is our gift for loyal customers of Indosat Ooredoo to celebrate the Indonesian Independence Day which falls in this August by doing a pulse refill. We hope that with this program, customers can feel how easy to refill pulse and enjoy the direct benefit of pulse bonus which can be used to browse internet, call and SMS wherever the customer is located, said by Division Head IM3 Ooredoo Brand Segment, M. Andre Reinaldy H.

For more information about Merdeka Pulse Bonus Program, please visit the Indosat Ooredoo website www.indosatooredoo.com/pulsamerdeka