Indosat and MNC Investama Collaborate on Information, Communication & Telecommunications and Financial Services


Jakarta, January 30 2015 – Indosat recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MNC Investama in telecommunications services, information technology and financial service sectors. Through this cooperation, Indosat and MNC Group will jointly develop services or products, including to synergize marketing activities of both companies.

Currently, Indosat provides support by equipping MNC Investama employees with business package services PRO and Dompetku, enabling convenient transaction from mobile devices. MNC Investama—through MNC Bank, MNC Life and MNC Shop—will establish Dompetku as a tool for their customers to purchase or conduct transactions.

PRO communication service package will become the communication tool for employees working with MNC Investama. The package allows communication between employees 24 hours a day, with no time limit. It comes with internet quota/data, as well as SMS between Indosat mobile numbers or to other operators. Not only employees, customers of MNC Bank, MNC Life and MNC Shop will also enjoy both applications to help conduct banking and financial transactions easier.