Indosat Ooredoo and Fujitsu Indonesia Join Forces to Accelerate
Digital Transformation for Business Customers in Indonesia

June 20th 2016, Jakarta: Indosat Ooredoo and Fujitsu Indonesia have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to jointly provide innovative Smart Mobility and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions while building on a trusted and long-term relationships with our business customers. The collaboration focuses on the automotive and transport sector as a starting point with the aim to be extended to the manufacturing and public sector.

The MoU creates the framework for jointly developing solutions to address the needs for not only Indonesian businesses but also Japanese businesses in Indonesia. This joint collaboration will bring together the best from Indosat Ooredoo and Fujitsu in terms of providing the best in products, services and solutions together with the credibility and support needed in Indonesia.

Smart Mobility and IoT massively expands the quantity and quality of real-time information available from a diverse range of public and private devices. Those devices will be communicating to each other as well as central systems, triggering a radical shift in the way you can manage assets, networks and the customer experience hence becoming more agile and quickly reacting to change. Indosat Ooredoo and Fujitsu are confident that this collaboration will enable both companies to leverage each other’s strengths to meet the ICT challenges of tomorrow.

“Digital explosion is a massive opportunity for organizations to become more effective, bring new products and services to the market and expand customer reach. This collaboration is in line with Indosat Ooredoo vision of becoming Indonesia’s digital services company by partnering with industry leaders such as Fujitsu. Both our companies are focused on providing an accelerated digital business transformation because we listen to our customers’ ambition, provide value and make their technology investments strategic to their business. There is no choice than to embrace digital.” says Herfini Haryono Director& Chief Wholesale and Enterprise.

“Together, Fujitsu and Indosat Ooredoo are positioned to help organizations make real-time informed decisions based on business-critical data that was often previously undetected or overlooked. Mobility in the future will be more dynamic and human-centric. It will provide ways for users to optimize their moves by using applications and services that can process real-time conditions and provide accurate instantaneous information about various locations of interest.” said Mr. Achmad Sofwan, president Director of Fujitsu Indonesia

For both Indosat Ooredoo and Fujitsu this is an important step forward towards establishing a valuable collaboration. This alliance enables Fujitsu’s expertise in cutting edge information and communication technology equipment, services and solutions to mold with Indosat’s telecommunication technology to provide new products and services to benefit business customers in Indonesia.