Jakarta, 21 December 2015 – Last night FC Barcelona won the FIFA Club World Cup for the third time after a victory at the finals against River Plate (Argentina); they also won the cup in 2009 and 2011. This achievement sets FC Barcelona as the current best club in the world. Indosat Ooredoo is especially proud of FC Barcelona's victory, on account of being the official telecommunication partner for FC Barcelona in Indonesia since 2013.

Indosat Ooredoo's Head of VAS, Hesti Diyahanita stated, "We congratulate the Cules (Barca fans) for the victory of FC Barcelona. All the achievements of FC Barcelona also bring great pride to Indosat Ooredoo as the official telecommunication partner of FC Barcelona and for cooperating with this soccer club from the Spanish league. Indosat Ooredoo has consistently provided the best soccer contents for all the fans of this great sport in Indonesia through Indosat Ooredoo's best network."

In-line with Indosat Ooredoo's vision to be the Leading Digital Telco in Indonesia, therefore it is committed to present exclusive digital content service of FC Barcelona to all Indosat Ooredoo users via *465*1# and the chance to win exclusive FC Barcelona merchandises. This is attested by the cooperation with FC Barcelona which has been ongoing from 2013 to this very day. Among the FC Barcelona contents provided are information on the latest news, photos, and the FC Barcelona anthem.

Last year, Ooredoo also brought 12 talented youth to meet the world soccer star and Ooredoo's brand ambassador Leo Messi in Barcelona to top off the success of its competition program "Simply Do Wonders". While in Barcelona, the youngsters also got to watch Leo Messi in action on an official match of Barcelona versus Sevilla. Among the talented young were those from Indonesia, Tunisia, Maldives, Qatar, Algeria, Kuwait and Palestine. Ooredoo also added two other young participants from Gaza.

For information, FC Barcelona (Spain) won the Club World Cup in the International Stadium Yokohama, Japan, with a landslide victory of 3-0, wherein two goals were made by Suarez, one by Lionel Messi. Barca's final victory goal was also the 176th goal for the Catalan club in 2015. Barcelona has also become the only club so far that has ever achieved the 'treble winners' twice, which were in the 2008-2009 and 2014-2015 seasons. The treble winners term is to show that a club has won three winning titles from three different competitions: the Primary Domestic Cup Competition, Domestic League Competition, and League of Champions.