IndosatOoredoo Business support businesses in their digital
transformation by launching ‘ICT Annual Report 2017’

Smartphone penetration and the availability of broadband internet access as well as a wide range of innovative applications encourage lifestyle changes in society which in turn change the business landscape, in a disruptive manner. This, digital disruption, was a key theme in the IndosatOoredoo ICT Conference held in last November

Further to that discussion, and staying true to their commitment to support Indonesia’s business customers, IndosatOoredoo Business launchestodayits 'ICT Annual Report 2017' which providesits thinking with regard to the ICT opportunities and challenges that face Indonesia’s business community in 2017.The report describes how ICT can become a key-enabler in any business and how the latter should manage its digital transformation in order to provide the best digital experience to its customers.

"Digital disruption forces businesses to retain their customers and their revenues by providing digital experience to their customers. This makes the investment in digital transformation a very important one, but not necessarily a costly one. We advocate for enterprises to create an open channel of communication between teams in order to systematically address business challenges. We share this experience in the ICT Annual Report 2017 ", said Alexander Rusli, President Director & CEO of IndosatOoredoo.

The ICT Annual Report 2017 also presents the trends and challenges of multiple industries such as banking, insurance, manufacturing and distribution, mining, retail and trade, in introducing ICT solutions. It also discusses the changing role of the CIO and how pivotal that can be in supporting digital transformation.

"Most businesses are required to reduce their operating costs and thus be more efficient. But at the same time, businesses are also being pushed to increase their productivity, revenue and their speed to market. They need to deliver innovative products,that are up to speed with the digital technologies adopted by their customers. Digital transformation is the answer and the appropriate ICT solutions are the way for businesses to provide the best digital experience to their customers, "said Herfini Haryono, Director and Chief Officer Wholesale & Enterprise of IndosatOoredoo.

"We are committed in our vision to become the preferred Solutions Partner Connecting Digital Business across Indonesia. We are continuously supporting our customers in their digital transformation and the 'ICT Annual Report 2017' is the proof. Our commitment is to be launching ICT Annual Reports, every year from now on. Whoever is interested to get this book, please contact your IndosatOoredoo Business Account Manager or visit our website", concluded Herfini Haryono.