Indosat Ooredoo Supports the Realization of Smart Society
with i-Pekan Applications & Smart City Dashboard
in Pekanbaru

Pekanbaru, June 23, 2016 – On the 232 anniversary, Pekanbaru city government launch iPekan as a digital library application, in order to create the Smart Society within the framework of the Smart City. As the launch was held in a series event of Pekanbaru anniversary, digital library applications that built by Aksaramaya, submitted to Pekanbaru city government together with the donation of 4,000 titles of books in digital form Indosat Ooredoo.

The first digital library on sumatra island now has the most complete collection of electronic books and can be enjoyed by the Pekanbaru’s public society directly and free of charge. This is to encourage public interest in Pekanbaru to knowing the Smart Society which became one of the pillars of Smart City-based information technology.

On the same occasion, with a commitment to support the transformation of the city into a Smart City and a complete solutions for city dashboard, Indosat Ooredoo gain the trust of Pekanbaru city government to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the Smart City platform test between Indosat Ooredoo represented by Alexander Rusli President & CEO Indosat Ooredoo, and Pekanbaru city government represented by Dr H. Firdaus ST MT, Mayor of Pekanbaru. With the signing of this MoU, Indosat Ooredoo and Pekanbaru City Government will jointly begin the transformation into a smart city of Pekanbaru.

The declaration for Smart City platform trials, which is Single Window City Dashboard system handled by Indosat Ooredoo will display various information for the city government to monitor the situation and digital public report in one screen. With a Single Window City Dashboard platform, the government can monitor all functions of the smart city applications in one screen :

  • GIS features to display data into maps demography
  • Integration with existing local government applications into a single dashboard, for example e-gov, e-tax to the API
  • Integration with cluster solutions such as smart light, smart cctv, smart bin and smart traffic with IOT Controller
  • Dispatch feature which is able to delegate tasks to government automatically

“Smart City MoU signing is a proof that Pekanbaru City Government wants to be better in providing services to the public through ICT solutions. We hope with this smart city concept in Pekanbaru, city governments will be faster, more accurate, and more transparent in providing public services”, said Dr H. Firdaus ST MT, Pekanbaru’s Mayor.

“Indosat Ooredoo’s commitment is to be the leader in providing ICT solutions for our customers to get a better quality of life. For Indosat Ooredoo, implementation of the smart city is a leap of service to be a better, safer, more comfortable, more transparent community. So that we fully support the implementation of Smart City in Indonesia by providing City Dashboard solutions so that the city government and the community can get Smart City benefit and also e-library i-Pekan to support Smart Society”, Alexander Rusli, President & Director Indosat Ooredoo.