Commitment to Develop Indonesia's Digital Community


Jakarta, 17 December 2015 - Indosat Ooredoo again confirms its commitment in developing Indonesia's digital community by conceiving young talented innovators on mobile application through the th IWIC. The th IWIC, highlighting the theme to "Innovate Your Life", has come up with 26 winners from various categories of mobile application innovations that give high value to the community and enrich application content services from local providers.

The Indosat Ooredoo Wireless Innovation Contest, IWIC in short, is the competition in the field of mobile/wireless technology innovation held by Indosat Ooredoo for all the young Indonesian generation nation-wide. The competition is part of the company's CSR program that has been held consistently since 2006, and upon the th IWIC the competition has managed to attract 3173 young participants from all over Indonesia.

"IWIC is one of our significant programs as part of the commitment to build Indonesia's digital ecosystem. The emergence of young developers - creating local mobile applications that are new, spectacular and with high value - will enrich Indonesia's digital world. Indosat Ooredoo currently is in the transformation toward being the Foremost Digital Telecommunication Company, which believes Indonesia has an extremely talented and creative young generation on the mobile application field, who will accelerate the development of Indonesia's digital community raised by the nation's own children," stated Alexander Rusli, President Director & CEO of Indosat Ooredoo.

"With IWIC as one of our initiatives, we want the digital world to mean more than just connectivity. The digital world ought to be friendly, simple and accessible. Therefore, on the company's previous event of identity transformation, Indosat Ooredoo highlighted the theme #IndonesiaDigitalNation. The company hopes that the digital world will bring as much value and opportunity as possible for everyone," he added.

The th IWIC comes with a different and unique concept than previously. The th IWIC consistently hones the entrepreneurship spirit of the participants by cooperating with the Jakarta Founder Institute and Crowdtivate. Both are institutions that guide young developers in becoming successful technopreneurs through mentoring and crowd-funding programs. Another unique concept is the presence of the Kids and Teens category for primary, junior high and high school students, and also two special categories: "Apps for Woman" and "Apps for Supporting Inbound Tourism".

Various activities have been done in socializing IWIC so that it attracts more young people, among which are roadshows to prominent universities and socializations to schools, from primary to high school, in regards to the New Category for Kids and Teens, especially in the form of the hackaton activity - making mobile applications for kids and teens within a limited set of time. Moreover, there is also the Women Developer Day, - the avenue for the female developer community to gather and learn of the latest developments on mobile technology.

The hype for the th IWIC has been ongoing for the last 6 months, as shown by the high number of participants that has been achieved for this year from all over Indonesia: 3173 participants! After a series of bootcamp

process and judging in the final round, here are the winners of the th IWIC from all categories:

  • Kids Category (for primary school)

- Ideas : Charigvity by Nisrina Khansa Izzati

- Apps : Belajar membaca metode Dia tampan (Learning to read with "Dia tampan" method) by M. Hikam Assyifa Alfath

  • Teens Category (for junior high & high school)

- Ideas : Look-lock by Bayu Eka Sanktiaji

- Apps : Escape from the prison by Shaquille Shiddiq P

  • University Students and Public

- Ideas : adawifiga by Sandy Colondam

- Apps : Temu jasa by Hardian Prakasa

  • Developers Category

- Apps : yukmart by Dimas Anugrah Wicaksono

- Mobile Web : Kazir by Zaenal Arifin

  • Special Category

- Apps for Women : Baby Recipe by Ade Rifaldi

- Apps for Supporting Inbound Tourism : by Bagja Gumelar

  • Winner for Campus Innovation Award : Tanjungpura University, Pontianak

There were also ideas and apps for the following fields:

  • Communication, Lifestyle & Education
  • Multimedia & Games
  • Utility (Tools, Security, Ideas/apps for the disabled)

The winners get to go home with various prizes, such as gadgets, cash, scholarships for the Founder Institute, Harukaedu Mentoring, other opportunities to gain Crowdtivate funding, credit balance in Dompetku and 1 year of free subscription in the Cipika Bookmate.

After 9 years of consistently discovering young talented Indonesian developers, IWIC has gained many awards as a leading CSR program, whether in-country or abroad. IWIC has also managed to conceive young developers who became technopreneurs with good track-records and who created many mobile applications used by the public. One such example is Sandy Colondam's Ragunan Zoo application, an educational and informative application about the Ragunan zoo for visitors.

Indosat Ooredoo presents the 9th IWIC, supported by partners: Free Basics by Facebook, Kompas Gramedia, Founder Institute, Harukaedu, Crowdtivate, i-aplikazone, Yayasan Cendekia, Dicoding, Kidzania.