Indosat for Indonesian Women Empowerment

Home Industry Entrepreneurship Training in Banyumas

In the picture is Fuad Fachroeddin, Group Head Corporate Communications Indosat (third from left) with Ir. Djoko Wikanto, Kepala Dinas Perindustrian, Perdagangan, dan Koperasi Banyumas (second from left) when visiting the Home Industry Training in Banyumas (21/10).

Jakarta, 21 October 2014 –Indosat strengthen its commitment in supporting the empowerment of Indonesian women through the "Banyumasan Batik Craftmanship Training and Leveraging Batik As Craft" for women and housewives who are members of Soka Ayu batik artists group, Sokaraja Kulon village, Kecamatan Sokaraja, Kabupaten Banyumas, Central Java.

The activity which is a part of the INSPERA (Inspirasi Perempuan Indonesia) program, one of Indosat's CSR activity also received support from Dinas Koperasi, Perindustrian dan Perdagangan Kabupaten Banyumas. The support is given so that Indosat's efforts can be aligned and is able to support the programs established by the government especially in the development of Batik Banyumasan.

Choosing the development of batik Banyumasan as activity that can empower women is also related to the spirit to preserve the original Banyumasan Batik art. Through the training which includes the re-introduction to the philosophy and motifs for batik Banyumasan, the technical skills for batik which is focused on the initial design process, making of derivatives products, introduction to marketing of products and mentorship. Not only that, introduction and making use of the information technology, especially internet, is also a part of the training material, so that they can optimize the use of technology in searching information and help market their products. Hopefully these acts will create an independency of women and housewives in the Sokaraja Kulon area as the center for Banyumasan batik.

"We are committed to improve the quality of living and empowerment of women through many women entrepreneurship activities, which is now targeting Banyumasan batik manufacturing, so that they can be more indepence in their financials and giving a sizable contribution in improving the lives of their family members. We will continue this commitment in many other activities to empower women in the future," said Group Head Corporate Communications Indosat Fuad Fachroeddin.

Previously Indosat has held the micro financing program for small business through Indosat Dompetku, we help the women in South Tangerang and Bogor areas to be able to use technologies to support their micro business so that they can develop and be bigger in size.

By providing micro financing via Indosat Dompetku through cellphones it is expected to be able to support the business and activities of the women in Indonesia initiated in Tangerang Selatan and Bogor, so that they can improve their values and quality of living both socially and financially.