Internet of Things (IOT), a Technological Innovation in the Digital World For Enterprise

Jakarta, August 15 2016 - To accelerate the growth of the business, every business needs to find a source of income that is greater effectively, looking for ways to improve cost efficiency and innovation to deliver a better experience to the customer. IOT or Internet of Things is a concept of development solutions and Internet connectivity that can be utilized businesses to generate competitive advantage for the company. Simply put, IoT is a concept that allows objects around us both physical and virtual that can connect and communicate with each other with an internet connection.

Tampak pada gambar Division Head M2M & IoT Solutions Indosat Ooredoo, Hendra Sumiarsa menjelaskan lebih detail berbagai solusi IoT untuk pelanggan bisnis yang ditawarkan oleh Indosat Ooredoo Busienss.(15/8).

At the exhibition 'Asia IOT Business Platform' which was held at the JW. Marriot Hotel 15 to 16 August 2016, Indosat Ooredoo Business presents various IOT solutions for business customers, ranging from basic services IOT is M2M Connectivity Platform (Managed Connectivity), Platforms IOT up with ready-made solutions such as Vehicle Telematics, Emagic (Enhance Managed IOT Connectivity), VMS (Vessel Monitoring System), Workforce Management, YOLO (You Only Live Once), and mytrip. Each of the products will allow partners and businesses to adopt and develop IOT solutions IOT by growing new revenue sources, cost efficiency and serve its customers better.

eMagic (Enhance Managed IoT Connectivity) is the latest M2M solutions and is designed to enable customers to connect and manage devices or machines with full managed services. This solution is safe with reliable encryption process through multi-access communication network that guarantees the level of service expected and resulted in total cost of ownership that is efficient. eMagic excellence has also been recognized internationally by getting the prestigious award from GTB Awards (Global Telecoms Business) in 2016 and the Asia Communication Awards 2016.

Other IoT solution introduced by Indosat Ooredoo Business is mytrip which is the result of cooperation with PT Main Transport Integration Solutions as Companies A subsidiary of Express Group specializing in the IT field. Mytrip is an innovative application, developed specifically for public transportation such as taxis that will provide a lot of benefits for each customer and partners. Customers and users mytrip applications can book a taxi online simply by selecting the pickup location, purpose and payment method. Customers only need a taxi to pick up, making it easier and safer for customers. Another interesting advantage for passengers are Free Ride and the Road Point, the reward points that given to each passenger for every booking taxis and redeemable voucher attractive prizes. Unlike other app-based smartphone for Taxi order and calculate tariff, mytrip solution can completely integrated with the taxi meter, door sensor, and LED lights Taxi sign in through a special unit OBU. Several international telecommunication company in the United States and Canada are interest to roll out similar services in the Americas. It shows a real step from Indosat Ooredoo to the innovation work and creative solutions from Indonesia, even export to other countries.

"In realizing the commitment as a leading digital telecommunication company, Indosat Ooredoo Business continues to deliver innovative IoT solutions. Utilizing M2M & IoT technology, we provide solutions to address the problems faced by businesses or the public. We also opened wide partnerships with technology providers or developers. We wanted to be the right partner for the business customers or corporate that want to implement the technology in order to achieve sustainable business growth, explore business opportunities, help transform the digital company while certainly bring the best experience for their customers." Said Hendra Sumiarsa, Division Head M2M & IOT Solutions Indosat Ooredoo.

Tampak pada gambar Division Head M2M & IoT Solutions Indosat Ooredoo, Hendra Sumiarsa menjelaskan MyTrip sebagai salah satu solusi IoT dari Indosat Ooredoo Business kepada salah satu pengunjung exhibition.(15/8).