Welcoming Eid-al Fitr, Indosat Ooredoo Is Ready To Serve Customers

Increase Network Capacity and Alert Indosat Ooredoo Network Operation Center (i-NOC) and Customer Service

Jakarta, July 16, 2015 - Welcoming 2015 Ied-al Fitr, Indosat Ooredoo network is ready to serve customers' communication activities especially in various mobilization routes which usually experience increase in telecommunication network usage. Through Network Modernization Program with focus in big cities, is expected that customers will have better and more convenient experience in communicating with each other during the increase of telecommunication traffic prior to Ied-al Fitr, whether it’s voice call, SMS or data.

Indosat Ooredoo has prepared network capacity for all the services to anticipate the increase in telecommunication network usage during 2015 Ied-al Fitr. Especially to cater the needs during Ramadhan and Ied-al Fitr mobilization, where telecommunication network usage might increase, IndosatOoredoo network capacity has been upgraded, voice traffic is to 39 million Erlang/day, for SMS is to 1,28 Million SMS/day, meanwhile for data, IndosatOoredoo has increased its data capacity to 2.081 TeraByte/day. This capacity has been prepared for 66,5 million of IndosatOoredoo users which is supported by 40.756 BTS nationally.

"Indosat Ooredoo readiness to cater any kind of situation in the network, especially prior to Ied-al Fitr, has been prepared as part of capacity upgrade and network quality for yearly needs. This year we've done it as part of the Network modernization, in the cities and national mobility routes. To monitor the network quality, we're going to utilize new facility from IndosatOoredoo Network Operation Center (i-NOC) and Command Center that we have just launched. Our Customer Center is ready 24 hours for customers through several communications line," said John Martin Thompson, Director & Chief Technology Officer.

Besides network capacity, Indosat Ooredoo makes sure that Indosat network during Ramadhan and Ied-al Fitr mobilization is in the best performance which is monitored and controlled from Indosat Network Operation Center (i-NOC) also accelerated maintenance during downtime and coordination center from Command Center room. Command Center will operate several days before and after Ied-al Fitr mobilization, ready to solve nation-wide network downtime.

Herfini Haryono, Chief Information Officer Indosat added, "All of our efforts are done to give the best customer experience in communicating with their relatives especially during Ramadhan moments."

Customers can also utilize customer service centers such as IndosatOoredoo counters all over Indonesia, locations can be found found at http://indosatooredoo.com/coverage/

Meanwhile, customers can access IndosatOoredoo Call Center and other customer service line through:

  • Indosat Call Center
Via Land-phones 021 5438 8888
021 3000 3000
021 3011 1111
Via Matrix Ooredoo & StarOne Dial 111 ( Free)
Via Mentari Ooredoo Dial 222 (Free)
Dial 100 (Rp. 400, -/call)
Via IM3 Ooredoo Dial 100 (Rp. 400,-/call)
Fax 021 5449501-06