Indosat Ooredoo's Strong Network Ready to Support the Precious Year-End and New Year Holidays

Jakarta, 22 December 2015 - As one of the transformation pillars of Indosat Ooredoo's becoming a digital company in Indonesia is being a friend to its customers, thus Indosat Ooredoo declares that it is ready to assist its customers in all communication activities during the year-end and new year holidays.

Indosat Ooredoo's strong data network continues to give the best experience for its customers. Indosat Ooredoo has prepared an adjusted network capacity to anticipate a likely spike in communications during the year-end and new-year holidays.

"Still in-step with the company's transformation to give the best experience for its customers, especially in providing a strong data network for them, we have prepared the network capacity to anticipate an increase in traffic, whether for voice calls, SMS or data. This is also supported by the presence of the 4Gplus network in various cities that has been established by Indosat Ooredoo, therefore we are even more ready to continue giving the best experience for our customers in any situation, especially for the coming festivities of Christmas, Year-end and New Year," stated Heri Purnomo, Group Head CTO Office of Indosat Ooredoo.

Increasing Network Capacity
All the capacities of Indosat Ooredoo's services, whether voice calls, SMS and data have been increased, wherein for voice calls to 2,340 million minutes/day (39 million erlang/day), for SMS to 1,285 billion SMS/day, and for data service to 3,463 Terabyte/day.

"All the capacities have been increased to anticipate a spike in the national traffic, - having to serve 69 million Indosat Ooredoo customers. The increase in capacity has been calculated according to the forecast of the likely traffic jump, based the experience of similar conditions in the previous years. We want to ensure that Indosat Ooredoo customers can still conveniently and smoothly communicate during the festivities," added Heri Purnomo.