IM3 Ooredoo and Google Collaboration Providing Easy Access to Information Through Free Phone Calls

IM3 Ooredoo Google Assistant service is a new way of getting information we need through our phones for free. Customers could reach the Google assistant by calling 696.

Jakarta, 10 Februari 2020 - Data from the GSMA Mobile Economy Report in 2019 shows that in Indonesia there is still a digital gap between population in large cities and rural areas, around 45% population live in rural areas, which is higher compared to other developing countries in Asia Pacific. This is also related to the geographical condition in Indonesia as an Archipelago, thus there are many small habitat islands. This causes access of digital information unable to reach all regions of Indonesia. To help these limitations, IM3 Ooredoo ‘Phone Line’ with Goggle Assistant is available as a solution to connect with the digital world.

Today, Indosat Ooredoo through IM3 Ooredoo, became the first operator in Indonesia to collaborate with Google to officially launch IM3 Ooredoo ‘Phone Line’ with Google Assistant. This service enables customers to get an easy access of any information they need by calling 696 toll free number.

Ahmad Al-Neama, President Director & CEO Indosat Ooredoo said that, “We are thrilled to be working alongside Google to empower societies. This collaboration with Google, as one of the most innovative technology companies in the world, aligned with our commitment to bring digital inclusion in Indonesia. Together, we’re making it simpler for people in rural areas with limited internet access and featured phone. IM3 Ooredoo Phone Line with Google Assistant will enable them to unlock their potentials by connecting them to digital world. We look forward to work together and help Indonesia strengthen its potentials with new technology.”

Now, IM3 Ooredoo customers especially those who use feature phones whose features are limited and are in areas with limited Internet access, do not need to worry if they want to know the latest news, weather forecast, even translating Indonesian language to a foreign language. All of these information are now available through IM3 Ooredoo ‘Phone Line’ with Google Assistant, as easy as making a phone call to 696 from their phone. This service is now available and could be enjoyed by IM3 Ooredoo customers throughout Indonesia.

Randy Jusuf, Managing Director, Google Indonesia said, "at Google, we feel obligated to make sure everyone in Indonesia has the opportunity to do something great for themselves and the country through technology. We are well aware that it takes cooperation with various circles, alongside each other to realize our mission-and progress equally. For that, we thank Indosat Ooredoo for the cooperation to provide a new technology called "IM3 Ooredoo Phone Line with Google Assistant” that is expected to help broaden the access to information for Indonesian."