Indosat M2M Service for E-Tax Application Helps Build Smart City in Surakarta

Surakarta, January 15 2015 – Indosat, in collaboration with its subsidiary, PT StarOne Mitra Telekomunikasi (SMT), is developing the product marketing and end to end Machine to Machine (M2M) solution, which is an important component in the realization of Smart City in Surakarta. Smart City is a global trend resulting from the demand of future society on the basis on information and communication technology, which has also been established in cities in Indonesia.

The urban development plan formulated by the government is under the framework of the National Urban System (SPN). One of its aims is to improve the role and function, as well as the management of a global scale development whose aim is to improve public service, competitiveness, and economic contribution. Furthermore, the urban development is targeted at achieving a decent, greener and smarter city.

In front of the mayor of Surakarta and the ranks of officials of the city of Surakarta/Solo, Division Head M2M Solution of Indosat, Hendra Sumiarsa expressed, “Indosat is ready to support the realization of Smart City in Surakarta with M2M service as portfolio starting from the connection until the accurate end to end solution in order to cover various gadgets and applications.”

Several of the solutions offered by Indosat M2M (Machine to Machine), among others, E-government, E-Tax, E-Transportation, Smart Tourism, Workforce Management, and Smart Street Lightning solutions, were described to the ranks of City Government of Surakarta, including the support for the implementation. The City Government of Surakarta welcomed Indosat’s proposals, where during the initial stage would be followed by the implementation of the E-Tax solution. Its objective is to make the local tax levy revenue from businessmen taxpayers more transparent and accurately monitored at all time so that in the end it would improve the service of the City of Surakarta for the public.

Indosat accepted the opportunity to immediately implement the aforementioned plan of the City Government of Surakarta to establish the E-Tax solution. Supported by the most sophisticated M2M Platform, Indosat provides complete, integrated solutions that will help to arrange M2M’s connection and service and control hundreds or thousands of gadgets wherever the machines are stationed. Indosat does not only provide solutions for connectivity to gadgets/machines, but also, more than that, operators can fully control all activities regarding installation, operation, maintenance, terminations and reports. The E-Tax implementation would immediately be put into action by Indosat and its subsidiary, namely PT Starone Media Telekomunikasi, which owns support networks in Central Java.



  • Caption : Hendra Sumiarsa, Division Head of Indosat M2M Solutions (middle) giving souvenir to Surakarta Mayor, FX Hadi Rudiyatmo (right) accompanied by Suharso W. Sulistyo, President Director of PT StarOne Mitra Telekomunikasi (left) on the Assessment of Smart City and E-Tax Solution event in Surakarta.