Indosat Mobile Clinic Provides Free Health Services

For Mount Sinabung Refugees

In the picture is Alexander Rusli, President Director & CEO Indosat (middle) when giving the mobile clinic as aid to PKPU as Indosat's partner for the operational of mobile clinic (18/10).

Medan, 20 October 2014 – Mount Sinabung in Karo, North Sumatera Utara recently experiencing new eruptions and producing hot clouds which have caused the people living nearby to vacate the area and move to safety shelters. As a social responsibility and care for the victims of Mount Sinabung disaster, Indosat mobilize aid for the refugees and victims of Mount Sinabung disaster through the dispatch of Indosat Mobile Clinic to provide free health services.

"The disaster situation and the shelter with minimum support caused the refugees to catch many diseases such as ISPA, diarhea, eye irritations, fever, and others. Indosat try to help ease the condition by dispatching the Indosat Mobile Clinic to 5 points of shelters around Mount Sinabung to provide free health services. With the Mobile Clinic, hopefully it can ease the burden of the 2000 people in the refugee", said President Director & CEO Indosat Alexander Rusli when giving the aid in Medan.

Besides Mobile Clinic, Indosat also have given support to the victims of Mount Sinabung eruption in the form of face masks, female needs, milk and food supplies for childrens and elderlies. The Mobile Clinic is operating mobile to several refugee camps in Kabupaten Karo such as in GBKP Jln kota Cane, Masjid Amal Kabanjahe, Paroki G. Khatoli Kabanjahe, Ruang Serbaguna KNPI and in Uka K. Jahe 2.