- Indosat Ooredoo continues to innovate its products; now presenting the incloud application for customers
- Launched during the holidays, incloud makes it so easy for customers to store and protect files of their special moments anywhere and anytime.

Jakarta, 18 December 2015 - The 2015 yearend holidays are here, Indonesians have started packing for their vacations. So many precious moments need to be preserved, and smartphones and gadgets are the perfect tools to do this. As a digital nation, Indonesians love to shoot photos and make videos, and also play music and enjoy digital services during the holidays.

Greeting the 2015 year-end holidays, Indosat Ooredoo presents a new innovation in the digital world, the "incloud", an application to store and manage various files such as photo, videos, music, and other documents online via mobile devices. With the incloud application, Indosat Ooredoo customers can play music, watch movies, view photo albums, back up contacts, and share files that have been stored online. It also comes with automatic back up feature for all photos and videos taken with a smartphone. This is in-line with the findings of the consumer survey which stated that approximately 24% of the population would like to have an application to store files online. Currently the total number of users for the incloud application world-wide is around 1.5 billion, with a growth rate of 16% in 2016. With incloud being provided for free by Indosat Ooredoo, customers will find it so much easier and more convenient to manage all their personal documents and files.

The application's various features will be useful for customers during holidays like this year-end season, when so many holiday activities are immortalized through photos and videos, and can be stored, managed and shared online. Holiday activities with your family and loved ones will be more fun with the convenience of this incloud document management.

Besides, when customers travel and do outdoor activities, including going out of town, this increases the risk of losing one's smartphone, so that protection against the loss of phone contacts and files is very much needed. The incloud application has a back-up feature for contacts and documents, which is a useful protection. Incloud can also help when a customer purchases a new smartphone and wants to import contacts and files from the old smartphone.

"We've promised our customers that Indosat Ooredoo will keep on doing innovations to make their daily lives more convenient. As a friend to our customers, we proudly present incloud, the innovative application to store files online, - giving Indosat Ooredoo customers the best digital experience. This is part of our journey in becoming the foremost digital telecommunication company in Indonesia which brings digital innovations for the people, and also improves utility and convenience to support our customers' daily activities, especially in the year-end holidays coming soon," stated Alexander Rusli, President Director and CEO of Indosat Ooredoo in Jakarta.

To get the incloud application, an Indosat Ooredoo customer can simply download it through Google Playstore, Apple App Store or the web: Then the customer can sign up for a new incloud account by using the customer's current Indosat Ooredoo number as the account name.