Are You A Part of SME? Here Is How You Can Maintain Customer Loyalty In The Digital Era Menjaga Pelanggan Tetap Setia di Era Digital

For Small-Medium Enterprises (SME), there are at least two issues that challenge their effort in promoting loyalty programs. First, they have limited budget to do so, and second, they don’t have the tools, including softwares, to support the loyalty program.

To increase loyalty towards SMEs, there are at least three things that can be done. First, a friendly and warm service. Second, offer special discounts for loyal customers, and third, high quality product and quality.

For SMEs seeking a solution to answer this need, Indosat Ooredoo Business is presenting i-Kasir. The i-Kasir solution offers comprehensive digital service to answer SMEs needs such as digital point of sale (POS), cashier machines for more organized and transparent transactions, or several cahsless payment services with debit or credit cards in just one tool.

Not only to improve the recording and processing of transactions, i-Kasir can also be used by SMEs to analyze their customers’ behavior that can be analyzed in the sales report data analysis. Through the data, SMEs can create loyalty programs that fit their customers’ needs.

The comprehensive solution from i-Kasir can help SMEs to digitally transform. With the available features such as flexible payment options, managing multi outlets from one dashboard, easy, organized, and transparent journal recording, and analyzing customer behavior, it can assist your business to grow with ease.

For SMEs that are interested in taking advantage of the i-Kasir solution, Indosat Ooredoo offers two subscription options: the Starter Kit, priced at Rp50.000 per month and the Premium package, priced at Rp100.000 per month. For further information on the i-Kasir solution, please click here.