Why Does Dedicated Internet Beneficial for Companies?

Companies in various industries have one staple need – connectivity/the Internet – that is essential to support thir business operations, especially in today’s technological era.

Internet-based communication is often used when holding, for example, video conferences or conference calls. Cost wise, Internet-based communication can be cheaper compared to traditional communication methods. Also, employees’ time is spent more efficiently because with Internet-based communication, they eliminate the time needed to travel from one location to another for a meeting

Currently, two options are available: dedicated Internet network or shared Internet network. The difference between the two options is in the bandwidth allocation. On the shared network, the Internet speed will get slower as the number of user increases. While on the dedicated network, the Internet speed is stable. Therefore, the dedicated Internet network is used by companies that have the need to routinely transfer large amounts of data, or companies with large numbers of employees.

Currently, there are several providers offering dedicated Internet service for small office/home office (SOHO). Business owners only need to estimate the Internet speed required by considering the number of employees, their work activities, or daily visitors.

Customers can get dedicated Internet service from an all-in-one connection solution called Bisnis SIAP. One the services that they offer is IDIA (Dedicated Internet Access), a dependable dedicated Internet service offered by Indosat Ooredoo for corporate needs.

Therefore, customers can eliminate the higher cost for an Internet speed that they don’t need. By buying a bandwidth that fits their needs in this solution, the investment spent on buying dedicated Internet is more efficient. For customers who are interested in getting more information about IDIA services in Bisnis SIAP solution from Indosat Ooredoo, please click here or call 0815-1201-8888.