Complete Solution by i-Kasir – POS Platform and Cashless Payment for UKM User

According to Mckinsey Institute in 2019, 78 percent of internet users in Indonesia have performed online transaction. It means that most transactions are cashless. Unfortunately, the market potential of this is not matched with the small-medium enterprise (UKM) business model, which is still using cash transaction.

Even though a lot of cashless payment options are already available, such as the use of debit card, e-money, credit card, and QR codes, not all UKM owners can use that method of transaction because their access to financial products are limited. Point of sale (POS) service or cashier machine have been part of the solutions for the UKMs. The main purpose of the application-based cashier machine is to help UKMs organize and streamline their transaction records. This is the challenge that wants to be answered by Indosat Ooredoo through a solution called i-Kasir.

Through i-Kasir, Indosat offers complete solution to answer the needs of UKMs such as POS services and several cashless payment options – the debit and credit cards, QR code, and bill payment – all in one application.

i-Kasir subscription service can be used in various UKMs such as food and beverages, cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores. Looking at the value, i-Kasir offers a complete service because customers can get POS service and payments all in one application.

With i-Kasir, there are at least three benefits for the customers. First, faster transaction process that can reduce time to queue, reduce cost of service, and more efficient division of tasks for the employees. The speed of transaction will also affect the service quality for their customers.

Second, easier and more systematic recording of transactions. i-Kasir application will automatically record all transactions in the system, so users can obtain detailed information including date and time of transaction, types of products and services, capital spent, and amount of payments by the customer. This type of financial record enables UKMs to obtain credit scoring information, so they have more access to wider range of financial services.

Third, having more definite information about customer demand. UKMs can analyze which products or services that have the highest demand and they can predict which items to stock based on that information. Also, with the data, UKMs can be more effective and efficient in allocating their capital spending and avoid buying things that aren’t selling. Therefore, UKMs profit can increase.

In conclusion, i-Kasir is equipped with various features that can help UKMs to transform their business so it can be adaptive. UKMs can transform their business faster because i-Kasir has essential supporting features in business operations, such as:

  • Cashier and inventory system
  • Accepting payments using debit or credit card, e-money, and QR code
  • Accepting bill payments, such as electricity bill
  • Providing loyalty features that can be customized, including loyalty reward program for the customer
  • Customer Management feature that can be used to obtain definite information on customer demand and popular products
  • Analyzing sales report to increase business performance
  • Multi Outlet Management feature, to organize stock and sales in other branches

UKM owners who are interested in using i-Kasir solution, Indosat Ooredoo provides two subscription options: The Starter Kit for Rp 50.000/month and the Premium Kit for Rp 100.000/month. For further information about i-Kasir, please click on this link.