BIGvalid will helps you to verify customers, preventing fraud, acquire financial decision advice, product marketing & Single Sign-On.

How BIGvalid Will Help Your Business

BIGvalid provides insight into your company using communication API with several questions that have been built in the form of confirmation or group of information needed.

The following is a list of available customer number questions:

01. Is the number valid? Y/N
02. Is the number active? Y/N
03. Is the number prepaid number? Y/N
04. Is the number has a data package? Y/N
05. Is the number has an outstanding billing? Y/N
06. How is the number balance currently? Grouping - Y/N
07. How is the number data quota currently? Grouping - Y/N
08. How long is the number to its package expiration? Grouping - Y/N
09. How long is the to its inactive date? Grouping - Y/N
10. How long is number tenure? Grouping - Y/N
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Single Sign-On
  • Financial Decision
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Marketing
  • Financial Decision

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