Business Toll Free allows existing or prospect customers to call and get in touch with your company representatives for free.

This service gives your business several advantages, such as:

  • Free installation fees, special monthly fees*,
  • Easy-to-recall hotline numbers
  • Up to 6 hotline numbers to cater to your customer demand (while supplies last)
  • Easy activation and management

  • Free calls for customers to contact your business, regardless of service or distance.
  • Pay-As-You-Grow scheme is flexible and economical, service fee only increases when the number of customer calls increases.
  • Toll-free hotline provides competitive advantage for sales and support team by increasing customer interactions through incoming

Toll Free Service Capability

No. Toll Free Coverage Yes No
1 Local incoming calls -
2 International incoming calls -
3 Outgoing calls from toll-free number -

Term & Conditions

  • Price does not include VAT and all Indosat Phone service fees (E1 or SIP Trunk)
  • Company must first subscribe to the Indosat Phone service (E1 or SIP Trunk) to avail of Toll Free service
  • Activation SLA is maximum 10 days
  • Callers will not be charged for calls to the toll free number;the phone call will be charged to the company
  • Company will received bill every month for fees from the telephone quota used by the callers.
  • The free installation and monthly service fee promo fee is until December 2020 only.
  • The Toll Free number will be assigned to the client as long as the client is an Indosat Phone customer (E1 or SIP Trunk)
  • 0800-2 numbers cannot be reused and cannot be transferred to other operators. The serviceis only available for Indosat Phone customers(E1 or SIP Trunk).

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