CloudConnect is designed to make access to your business data more comfortable anywhere anytime with highest level of data-in-motion security. Highest grade Zero trust security based, in a least privileged access, micro-segmented dark & invisible network enables you to eliminate VPN vulnerabilities, and easily enact policy-based, individual app level permissions for different users, user groups, contractors and vendors.

CloudConnect is suitable for use when working from home, for remote workers, or business people who travel a lot. With software as a service (SaaS) based CloudConnect, stay connected anywhere and anytime to make the business run smoothly.

CloudConnect gives flexibility to cloud provider, make it easier and faster access to public cloud
CloudConnect 5 Times Faster
CloudConnect can increase network performance up to 5 times faster. This has been proven through Proof of Concept that has carried out for public cloud test connectivity to Azure Cloud in Singapore and AWS in the US (North Virginia) with results:
Location Public Cloud Throughput WITHOUT CloudConnect Via Internet Throughput WITH CloudConnect Via Internet Comparison of Results Obtained
Azure Cloud di Singapore 7.7 Mbps 20.7 Mbps 3x Faster
AWS di US (North Virginia) 1.68 Mbps 23.3 Mbps 15x Faster
Technically, increasing this performance is because on CloudConnect there is a policy implementation mechanism “Quality of Experience (QoE)” and also the “Best Path Routing” mechanism which is helpful in optimizing network performance.
CloudConnect options for you
DC Connect
Connectivity solution to link private DC HQ / Branch with public cloud
Home Connect
Connectivity solution for connecting remote workers to the public cloud

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