Ensure the availability of your business's critical data and information, even in the disaster.

Indosat Ooredoo Business brings the best solution in managing your IT infrastructure and ensures it keeps running even in a disaster.. With the best facilities including power supply support from two different power source, PLN, Perum Jasa Tirta 2 that ensure your IT infrastructure can continue to run, locations that are safe from floods and earthquakes, building specifications that can withstand earthquake according to SNI 03-1726 standards, coupled with layered security.

Make it easy for you to ensure your business opportunities and services to your customers continue to run.

Power Supply System

  • Power supply from 2 different sources, PLN and Perum Jasa Tirta 2
  • Guaranteed High Supply Genset
    • N+1, 1.25 MVA/unit
    • Supported by 3 standby tanks
    • Fast Start-up
  • Redundant UPS 2N configuration
  • Battery backup

Environment System

  • HVAC N+1 System redundant to ensure air flow, temperature and moisture
  • Novec 1230 fire suppression
  • Environmental Monitoring System (EMS)


  • FO with different routes Jakarta-Jatiluhur-Bandung-Jakarta
  • Technology transport DWDM, SDH, MPLS and Metro Ethernet up to 10Gbps
  • Media access FA, Microwave and Satellite
  • Neutral interconnection, connected directly to Internet Exchange and all telecommunication provider
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
  • Meet-Me-Room
  • Cellular network and fixed phone to support your work


  • 24x7 layered security system with guard and Security Unit (Security), door with access, digital CCTV recording, Man-Trap and Visitor Management System (VMS) using fingerprint scan 7 x 24 hours Monitoring Network Operational Centre
  • Staging room
  • Bulletproof room and facility

Facility equal as 3 star hotels

  • Equipped with exercise facilities:
    • Swimming pool
    • Tennis court
    • Indoor soccer court
    • Fitness centre
    • Jogging and cycling
  • Following the minimum distance requirement from Data Centre central location (more thank 60km from Jakarta)
  • Easy access through Cipularang Tol road
  • Relatively safe from earthquake, typhoon, tsunami and volcanic activity
  • Free from electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency (RF)
  • Close to police station, military area and fire department's office
  • Not a demonstration area
Building Specification
  • Located in an area of 10.000m2 where safety is guaranteed
  • Can withstand an earthquake under SNI No. 03-1726-2003 standard
  • Floor design can withstand up to 1200 kg/m2
  • Bullet proof server room
  • Separate Data Centre room, Control Room and work are
Disaster Recovery Center Service

Building Base

Data Centre building and infrastructure designed and built to meet your business need

  • Exclusive support facility (NOC, working area, rest area, power room, network room, server room, staging area)
  • Minimum 200m2

Case Based

  • Dedicated room minimum of 3,6 x 3,0m
  • Exclusive CCTV monitoring
  • Security access system

Berbasis Rak

  • Full rack 19” – 45U
  • Minimum power supply 10A (2,2 KVa)
  • Unique individual keylock


  • First layer support 24/7
  • Tape backup


  • Dedicated work area and shared work area
  • Meeting rooms
  • Entertainment Rooms

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