DUO lets you use a local fixed-line number within your Indosat Ooredoo cellular number. This is ideal for Small and Medium Enterprise practitioners, sole traders or start-ups who want to be able to receive fixed-line calls while being mobile.


Fixed-line Office Telephone Number

Fixed-line the office telephone number can be easily activated on your cellular number without the activation process of an actual physical network

Office Branch Expansion

Allows you to swiftly and easily open new “office branches” in various cities to expand your business reach by providing local numbers in several different cities without the process of establishing physical offices. Hence all business activities can be coordinated from the city you are in.

Services to business partners or customers

With several local numbers set up in several different cities, your business partners and customers can easily reach you via a local rate and increase not-to-be-missed business opportunities.

High Mobility

A high level of mobility is one of the keys of business success and DUO guarantees that you will always be connected with business partners and customers, whether via your cellular number of fixed-line number.

Never miss a call

With a fixed-line telephone number in your cellular number, missing called to your fixed-line number will be a thing of the past, thus avoiding missed business chances.



Rp 25.000/month (All rates are inclusive of 10% VAT)

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