iKasir is a digital cashier application to make transactions more efficient, manage inventory effectively, and accepting various payment methods both cash & e-wallet to makes the transaction of your business becomes more flexible


Easy to manage product

Simply add your product to an apps and you can do it anytime anywhere.

  • Unlimited SKU (menu/product)
  • Add product as it category
  • Upload product photo
  • Setting product stock
  • Product barcode scanning

Easy to view & manage transaction history

Simply touch the screen to order, iKasir will calculate prices quickly and precisely.

  • Automatic calculator
  • Add discount
  • Transaction history
  • Transaction Report

It could accept cash or digital payment

iKasir provides a variety of payment methods, both cash or digital payments. Now your customers can pay their bills more flexibly.

Automatic Digital Receipt

iKasir will automatically provide sales transaction records with a digital receipt. Transaction details are more structured in the report feature to make your business looks cool & proper.

What They Say ?

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