“Digital transformation accelerates enterprise to move toward a hybrid IT model, need for secure, highly agile and flexible network access from branch office.“

Managed SD-WAN service can be used by corporate customers to optimize networks, increase application performance and support operational cost-efficiency.

SD-WAN is a specific application form of software-defined networking (SDN) technology that is applied to WAN (wide area network) connections. SD-WAN is used to connect corporate networks including branch offices and data centres that have large geographical distances.


Ensure network reliability

Improve the perfomance and application availabilpy

More efficient network

Expand Network with low cost

Enables zero touch provisioning

Accelerate Network Expansion

Ensure security to cloud access

Safety from external threat

Product Features Basic SD-WAN Advance SD-WAN Professional SD-WAN
Zero Touch Provisioning
Link Fail Over
Link Load Sharing
Traffic/Path Selection
Quality of Services (QoS)
Multiple WAN Link
Multi Topology
High Availability Support
Content Filtering
NextGen Firewall
Intrusion Prevention System
Built-in WiFi
Link Bonding
Forward Error Correction
Packet Duplication

Efficiency – Load Sharing to Back Up WAN

  • Optimize idle bandwidth of back up link, traffic load can be shared to back up link
  • It can reduce cost of network link

Efficiency – Link Path Selection

  • Application Aware capability, each application can choose which link that will be used
  • Email & Cloud based application can be set to use Internet link
  • Critical business apps, UC, Voip, can be set to use WAN link
  • Reduce MPLS network cost, use an Internet link as like as a MPLS link with VPN tunnel encryption

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