Indosat Ooredoo OTT Direct Peering

Enjoy Direct Access to More Than 80 Million Mobile & Internet Users

  • Cost Reduction Reduce customer's cost via CDN Players such as Akamai and Cloudflare Up to 70%.
  • Low Latency & Jitter Compare to deliver your traffic to Internet Cloud Network, OTT peering gives more speed to access to your customers.
  • Better User Experience Best user experience for end users to access OTT contents.
  • Direct Access to 80Mn++ Users Special Access to Indosat Cellular & ISPs customers.

Burstable bandwidth: Enables you to increase bandwidth requirements when traffic is high (applies to selected services)


Specification Location inside KPPTI Location outside KPPTI
Sharing Ratio 1:1 1:1
SLA 99.5% 99.5%
Content/Connection Indosat Ooredoo End User (Cellular & Internet) Indosat Ooredoo End User (Cellular & Internet)
Service Pick Up Location KPPTI (Kantor Pusat PT Indosat) Non KPPTI

Terms & Conditions

  • OTT direct peering applied for content provider (OTT Player) with high bandwidth usage
  • It can be used for paid peering too (if customers not an OTT Provider)
  • Allow bundle Service with INP, Ethernet Access (domestic/international) & Collocation (optional)
  • Except additional cost for wiring & MMR/interconnect
  • Peering available with high throughput bandwidth from 1 Gbps
  • High bandwidth available on capacity management
  • Co-location on Indosat premises (KPPTI only) or outside KPPTI use additional service Domestic Ethernet or International Ethernet
  • Use BGP Peer with customer owned ASNumber
  • Customers at least bring their own switch

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