PBX On Premise is a telephone system solution from Indosat Ooredoo Business that  provide all telecommunications equipment facilities at your desired location. We provide all devices including services for maintenance so that you only focus on your business.

  • A combination of voice and interconnection services Beside preparing hardware, we also provide best total solution for voice services.
  • The right solution for device maintenance Focus on device maintenance and management. Damaged or old devices can be replaced.
  • Flexibility We rent out almost all hardware including servers, telephones, switches, routers and others.
  • Budget savings Big savings for device purchasing and maintenance compared to traditional PBX. Significantly reduce your monthly operating costs.
  • Provide many features External telephone transfer, conference, telephone in queue, automated attendant voicemail to email and other features.
  • Measurable We provide the lowest price to the medium price according to customer needs.

PBX On Premise Tariff

Services Buy Upfront (OTC) Lease To Owned (MRC) Rental (MRC)
IP PBX Rp. 7.300.000 Rp. 800.000 Rp. 800.000
FXO Gateway Rp. 1.700.000 Rp. 200.000 Rp. 200.000
MGW Rp. 29.500.000 Rp. 3.200.000 Rp. 2.900.000
Switch Rp. 1.500.000 Rp. 200.000 Rp. 200.000
Router Rp. 2.500.000 Rp. 300.000 Rp. 300.000
IP Dect Phone Rp. 2.700.000 Rp. 300.000 Rp. 300.000
IP Phone Rp. 1.720.000 Rp. 200.000 Rp. 200.000
Softphone Rp. 1.600.000 Rp. 300.000 Rp. 300.000

Noted: Tarif is start from

On Site Support (optional) Buy Upfront (Yearly) Lease To Owned (MRC) Rental (MRC)
IP PBX Rp. 4.700.000 Rp. 4.000.000 Rp. 4.000.000
FXO/FXS Rp. 1.200.000 Rp. 100.000 Rp. 100.000

Term & Conditions

  • The price does not include tax.
  • Price will be adjusted by the type of device.
  • Only Indosat Phone customers who can use PBX On Premise service.
  • SLA activation for PBA On Premise has maximum 14 working days (excluding activation of the Indosat Phone service).
  • Customers can choose with or without Support & Maintenance services.
  • Prices listed do not include stabilizers, UPS, grounding, installation wiring, accommodation costs & shipping hardware outside of Jakarta.


  • What is PBX On Premise?
    PBX On Premise Service is a PBX service provided at the customer's office.
  • What kind of services PBX On Service provides?
    PBX On Premise provides PBX rental services, rental with purchase options or direct purchasing.
  • How about the scope of the service?
    Services include maintenance, installation and warranty.
  • Who can use this service?
    This service can be used by all customers who want all in one solution for Indosat Phone services.
  • Does the rate include Indosat Phone service fee?
    PBX On Premise service price does not include Indosat Phone service fee (subscription/mincom) and the usage fee. The usage rate is Rp. 8 / sec.
  • Who is the PBX On Premise service partner of Indosat Ooredoo Business?
    Indosat Ooredoo is currently working with Mulia Persada Indonesia for PBX On Premise services
  • How long does the installation of PBX On Premise service take?
    14 working days of installation, excluding installation of Indosat Phone services.

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