PINTAR package is a call prepaid package between employees that is designed to make it easier for employees to communicate with each other without worrying about soaring bills to increase work productivity. Customer should only top up IDR 25,000 to get unlimited 24-hour calls between employees.

  • All rates are inclusive of 10% VAT
  • Super-fast Internet on Indosat Ooredoo 4G LTE network
  • With quota package, for over quota usage a rate of Rp 1/KB will apply
  • Package details may be change in periods
Features Tariff
Calls between employees -
Calls to Indosat Ooredoo users Rp 200/30 seconds
Calls to other providers Rp 500/30 seconds
SMS to all providers Rp 150/SMS
Internet/Data Rp 1/KB

*Tariff includes PPN 10%


How to get PINTAR Package

  1. Activate your prepaid SIMCARD by filling out customer information details, or type DAFTAR and send to 4444
  2. Top-up your credits with the minimum amount of Rp25,000 to enjoy PINTAR package benefits
  3. Proceed with grouping process. Within one company two roles will have responsibilities:
    • Admin, a person who acts as group/company creator and who can delete members of a group
    • Member, a person who acts as a user within the company

Function Mechanism Format SMS
Admin Create Group Data entry/submisssion Data entry by admin/ Indosat Ooredoo sales -
Registration Admin(space)name of company(space) 234
Confirm OK
Erase Member Erase Erase(space)MSISDN(space)Passkey/td>
Confirm OK
Admin will receive Passkey which serves as a group/company identity
Member Join group Join Join(space)Passkey(space) 234
Confirm OK
Join Group Check

Active periode PINTAR package

  • The active period of Paket PINTAR is 30 days from the activation date
  • PINTAR package will be automatically renewed, if in less than 30 days you can top up at least IDR 25,000. Make sure you refill credit so that unlimited telephone benefits between employees can be obtained
  • If you do not top up your credits, the benefit of unlimited usage for your workforce expires on the 30th day.
  • You will receive a notification via SMS one day before package expires
  • If you do not top up until 30 days of hibernation, then the card will automatically deactivate.

Business Data Package

The Business Data package is an exclusive Internet add-on service package valid for 24 hours until 8.5 GB suitable for customers’ Business PINTAR packages.

Activate your Business Data package by typing *234*2# press YES/OK/SEND.

Bundle Name Tariff (Rp/month) Quota
Quota Package 25.000 1 GB
49.000 2.5 GB
99.000 5.5 GB
149.000 8.5 GB
Unlimited Package 49.000 1.5 GB
99.000 3.5 GB
149.000 5.5 GB

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