PRO Freedom Biz
Paket IDR 25.000 Paket IDR 45.000 Paket IDR 90.000
2GB Quota (4G) 5GB Quota (4G) 16GB Quota (4G)
Free Quota 3GB (100MB/day) daily applications
Unlimited Call & SMS* to IM3/Indosat Ooredoo
10 minutes Call
to another provider
30 minutes Call
to another provider
50 minutes Call
to another provider
Cover all Indonesia region

Term & Conditions

  • Price include Tax
  • For fair and proper usage*
  • Available only for new customers
  • Available for post-paid customers

Fast Answer Question

  • What is Pro Freedom Biz?
    Pro Freedom Biz is created for Indosat Business Customer who needs unlimited communication solution for voice, SMS and data.
  • What are the benefits of Pro-Freedom Biz?
    Indosat Ooredoo provides more benefit of communication solution for your business :
    • Unlimited call and SMS to Indosat Ooredoo numbers
    • Bonus quota for daily applications (GoJek, Grab, WhatsApp, Line, BBM)
    • 24 hours internet access
    • Free call other operators
    • Pro-Freedom Biz is equipped with add-on options that’s suitable to your business need
  • What are the benefits of Pro-Freedom Biz package?
    Price (IDR - inc PPN) 45.000 90.000 25.000
    Service Round Up      
    Free apps Gojek, Grab, WA, Line, BBM 100 Kb 100 MB / day 100 MB / day 100 MB / day
    Data All Network (GB) 100 Kb 3 8 11
    Data 4G (GB) 100 Kb 2 8 11
    Voice onnet (min) 1 Mnt 5,000 5,000 5,000
    SMS onnet 1 SMS 1,000 1,000 1,000
    Voice offnet (min) 1 Mnt 30 50 10
  • What are the options for add on package in Pro Freedom Biz ?

    1. Monthly call package to Indosat number:

    Add On Name Call On-net 40 Call On-net 20 Call On-net 10
    Price (inc PPN) 40.000 20.000 10.000
    Benefit 5.000 minutes 1000 minutes 250 minutes

    2. Monthly call package to other operator Add-on Name Call Off-Net 130 Call Off-Net:

    Add On Name Call On-net 130 Call On-net 80 Call On-net 40
    Price (inc PPN) 130.000 80.000 40.000
    Benefit 600 minutes 325 minutes 150 minutes

    3. Monthly SMS package:

    Add On Name SMS 20K SMS 10K
    Price (inc PPN) 20.000 10.000
    Benefit SMS Onnet 300 SMS 1250 SMS
    Benefit SMS Offnet 750 SMS 250 SMS

    4. Monthly Data package:

    Add On Name Data 10GB Data 6GB Data 2GB
    Price (inc PPN) 130.000 80.000 40.000
    Benefit (All) 5GB 3GB 1GB
    Benefit (4G) 5GB 3GB 1GB
    Speed Data 4G LTE 4G LTE 4G LTE
  • What are the Terms and Conditions for Pro-Freedom Biz?

    Terms and Conditions for Pro-Freedom Biz:

    • Extra quota data can be added directly to the main quota (without buying additional quota data)
    • Usage data priority :
      1. Gift data b2b
      2. Free data sweetener 4G (if 4G available)
      3. Free data All Network
      4. Add on freedom data
      5. Main package quota data
      6. Pay per use tariff
    • Voice / SMS usage priority :
      1. Add on Voice / SMS package
      2. Main package benefit
      3. Pay per use tariff
    • Customers only allowed for 1 (one) add on package registration in the same group package. i.e: if call package to Indosat number (Call On-net 40) already active, customer is not allowed to register Call On-net 20
  • How to check leftover benefit ?
    The benefit can be accessed in myIM3.
  • How to get Pro-Freedom Biz for our company ?
    Please contact Indosat Account Manager / Sales team through call: 0812-1201-8888

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