Indosat TV channel is a satellite service formerly called Digibouquet which allows broadcasters to transmit video and audio content using the MPCP (Multiple Channel Per Carrier).

Indosat TV Channel is commonly used by TV Broadcaster to distribute television programs to areas covered by satellite, including direct reception or to distribute to relay stations.

  • Cheaper than renting a transponder.
  • Customer does not need to have and manage uplink facilities.
  • Reduce focus on managing infrastructure and increase focus on your business.
  • Help to reduce spending on infrastructure with one-stop shopping solution.
  • Broad coverage in the Asia Pacific particularly national coverage to increase the number of viewers from the broadcaster media
  • Digital transmission standard DVB
  • Supports media interfaces like SD-SDI and Ethernet with compression formats like MPEG-2
  • Video Encoding Bitrate 1.5 Mbps – 2 Mbps stat MUX
  • Audio Encoding Bitrate 56 kbps – 128 kbps
  • Dedicated NOC & Helpdesk 24 x 7 x 365

Indosat allocates the number of channels to be used. Next, you are connected to the MCPC head end at the Indosat HUB Station. You can use connectivity: Ethernet Link (from your studio to the Indosat HUB Station) or IDIA with a colocation device on the Indosat HUB Station.

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