Vehicle tracking is a solution offered to corporate customers wishing to monitor the position of their vehicles or fleet, or other mobile assets. This solution was developed specifically for companies that are very mobile, operating in the distribution/courier and logistics industry.

This service allows vehicles/assets being transported to be tracked with a high level of accuracy. To obtain this service, vehicles/mobile assets will have a GPS terminal installed that will be linked up with the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS). The vehicle's position recorded by the GPS terminal will then be sent to the central control office via SMS and/or GPRS, using an Indosat Ooredoo SIM card. The information regarding the position can then be displayed at the central control unit through a digital map.


Fleet or mobile asset position or location can be tracked with high accuracy

Reduces operational cost by preventing route selection errors

Maintains fleet and/or assets from criminal activities such as theft and misuse.

Increases productivity due to excellent coordination

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