The banking industry’s solution to connect ATM terminals to ATM Server/Host Bank using GSM networks (voice or data) and HSDPA/3.5 G is possible through Wireless ATM service.

This leading service app easily works through Indosat Ooredoo, a special wireless modem/router that is installed at the ATM terminal with leased line via Metro-E/MPLS, which links up communication between ATM terminal to ATM server through Indosat Ooredoo’s GSM and 3.5 G cellular network.

  • Cost saving by replacing Satellite (VSAT) network, point-to-point circuit lease network, or even microwave with cellular GSM network
  • Fast application in various locations and quick to be relocated as long as within cellular network coverage by taking advantage of GPRS, HSDPA/3.5G.
  • Upgrade ATM banking service in various locations.
  • Boost bank customer satisfaction by positioning ATMs at various locations.
  • Raise bank’s competitive value.

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