Indosat Ooredoo as a leading digital company always strives to continue to innovate. One of the latest Internet of Thing (loT) services provided to business people is a smart solution for personnel management (HR) developed using powerful internet applications with reliable infrastructure support.

It is a Workforce Management service to support companies in managing and to improve the productivity of personnel (HR) to be more visible and directed.


Speed in managing personnel remotely & monitoring employee safety

Has setting and mapping of personnel schedules comprehensively manner with geofence alerts

Efficient Cost

Improve productivity

Provide services that focus on their customers thereby increasing the customer experiences


Why a company needs Workforce Management Solution

With Workforce Management in the management or management of personnel where companies that have the number of personnel (HR) much more easily controlled and managed in a comprehensive, effective and efficient. It can be done by optimizing the digital technology of Internet of Things (IoT) to organize and control operational activities for companies that have mobile employees (Movers) with various purposes by managing remotely such as service provider service providers, delivery packet, delivery food, insurance and so forth.

A simple way to track personnel, just by activate LBS sim card

  • Small Applet embedded into SIM Edit memory
  • Track/track location continuously when the phone is turned on
  • Operates in various mobile phone models
  • Utilizing SMS to communicate data

Workforce Management Price

Services Tarif (Rp)
Set Up Services 500.000 / company
SIM Card fee 25.000 / SIM card
Monthly administration 500.000 / company
Monthly subscription 1 50.000 / SIM Card (500 SMS Tracking)
Monthly subscription 2 100.000 / SIM Card (1.250 SMS Tracking)
Monthly subscription 3 219.000 / SIM Card (3.100 SMS Tracking)


  • The Smart Workforce Management package is an add on the package which should be combined with the basic package (PRO Freedom / other Indosat Ooredoo Business postcard package)
  • SMS rate for excess usage outside SMS tracking quota is Rp100 / SMS
  • The use of SMS tracking will not use SMS quota in the base package
  • Rate excludes VAT tax 10%

Workforce Management Advantage

Cost Saving

  • Saving time
  • Reduce transportation expenses
  • Reduce the cost of a phone conversation
  • Payments to contractors are clearer
  • Recording and monitoring will be more comprehensive

Fast handling (speed)

  • Increase productivity of technical workers
  • Performance reports for incentive calculations are more accurate
  • Improve Customer satisfaction and improve service
  • Reduce duplication of work

Quality of work increased

  • Improve coordination among field workers and supervision
  • More flexible in personnel settings
  • Increases appointment level

Good customer service

  • More ready to serve customers with tight schedules
  • Quick settings in the appointment
  • Accelerate the acceptance of feedback from customers


  • Measure employee's performance and productivity accurately
  • Analyse feedback from customers
  • Dynamic personnel allocation Optimize device & resource
  • Facilitate post-analysis of services and devices

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