Connect your office and your workforce to the digital world through high speed Internet access secured with IP/MPLS technology. Increase business performance and open up new opportunities.

Dedicated Internet access is a solution offering speed and flexibility to grow in line with business growth, enabling faster data transfer for email server hosting, website and other applications. Dedicated Internet Access will provide simple tools to regulate your business Internet access needs.

Able to handle internet access needs and data sharing that is continuously evolving with higher bandwidth.

Reliable, high speed Internet connection in all your business locations, able to support cloud computing implementation and support other applications needing wider bandwidth

Fully synchronous, upload & download with the same width bandwidth

Large capacity and reliable supported by carrier grade routing platform.

Flexible international and domestic traffic separation

Burstable bandwidht. Allows you to increase bandwidth requirement when high traffic

Dedicated Bandwidth starting from 1Mbps upto 1Gbps.

Supports IPv4 and IPv6 protocols

Public IP Address

Media Access: Fiber Optics, Microwave and VSAT

Class NameTraffic Characteristics
IDIA PremiumDedicated Internet with 70% international traffic and 30%
domestic traffic
IDIA Shared (1:2) IDIA shared bandwidth with a ratio of 1:2 and 50% international
traffic, 50% domestic traffic
IDIA FleksibleDedicated Internet with flexible international and
domestic traffic