If you require a very safe connectivity to branches or Data Centers to protect data, information or important and classified application, Leased Circuit is the best solution. Dedicated private point-to-point based on Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) technology or Packet Over Transport System (POTS) will liberate you from data security issues.


  • Secured with especially built to connect two places, ensuring important data, information or application are protected

  • Guaranteed Bandwidth

  • High and premium quality performance


  • Coverage: Domestic and International, supported by multi route option and restoration plan option using inland or undersea cables

  • Configuration: point-to-point

  • Bandwidth: nxE1, nx155Mbps (STM1), nxSTM4, nxSTM16, nxSTM64

  • Topology: Ring topology with Fiber Optics, microwave, or satellite

  • Media Transmission: DWDM, SDH and POTS

  • Media Access: Fiber Optics and Microwave

Leased Circuit Package

Intercity backbone Zone-based

  • Zone 1 (x<25 Km).

  • Zone 2 (25

  • Zone 3 (100

  • Zone 4 (200

  • Zone 5 (300

  • Zone 6 (600

  • Zone 7 (1000

  • Zone 8 (x>3000km).

Intercity backbone Zone-based

  • Full Circuit Jakarta – Singapore.

  • Full Circuit Batam – Singapore.

  • Premium Jakarta – Singapore.

  • Half Circuit Singapore.

  • Half Circuit ASEAN.

  • Half Circuit Asia Pasific.

  • Half Circuit Other's Coutries.

  • Restoration Jakarta – Singapore Equinix.

International Private Leased Circuit

Domestic Private Leased Circuit