We are giving IM3 Ooredoo customers more great benefits without having to pay more.

Customers will get to enjoy extra quota absolutely free when they subscribe to any Freedom packets such as Freedom Mini, Freedom Internet Plus, Freedom Combo and even Freedom SIM starterpack. Prices start from as low as Rp5,000.

With APPS TANPA KUOTA, customers enjoy extra quota for use on popular apps like:

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Apps Without Quota is available FREE in the following packages:

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  • What is the main benefit of “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” ?

    This is Special quota that you can use to access your daily favorite applications without burning your main quota.

  • What applications that can be accessed without using your main quota

    Here is the list of Applications for Freedom Combo, Freedom Postpaid and Super Plan :
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    For Freedom Internet Plus, Freedom Mini and SP Apps TANPA KUOTA + Rp 1 Applications will be as follows :
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  • How to get benefit “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota”?

    You get your quota automatically (prepaid an postpaid) for every purchase of Starter Pack and Freedom Mini, Freedom Internet Plus, Freedom Combo, Freedom Postpaid and Matrix Super Plan Package.

    You will receive extra quota for you to use to access everyday apps when you purchase any new IM3 Freedom packet. This is made up of your free apps quota as well as the early bird promo quota. The use of everyday apps shown above will be part of your total quota including the extra quota given free for apps (explained above) and the main quota should any other bonus quota finishes.

  • Can I still access to another application beside those applications?

    Yes, you can still access another application but it will burn your main quota from your data package. Please make sure that you have quota from your data package so that you don’t get charged using retail tariff

  • If I use freedom combo package (prepaid), freedom postpaid or Matrix Superplan package (postpaid) what quota that I will use ?

    You will get Stream On benefit and also “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” that can be used to access all application. Quota for Accessing Stream On dan “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” is merged in one quota so it is not a separate quota. This is to ensure you to access application from benefit anywhere using just one integrated quota.

  • How much the quota I get from “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” ?

    Quota you get depend on what package you purchase. You will get this “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” for every Freedom Combo purchase, Freedom Postpaid and MSP/Super Plan with details below

    Benefit Freedom Combo Freedom Postpaid Matrix Super Plan
    Apps Sehari-hari TANPA KUOTA (Stream On + Apps On) Freedom M : 1GB
    Freedom L : 2GB
    Freedom XL : 3GB
    Freedom XXL : 5GB
    Freedom L : 10GB
    Freedom XL : 10GB
    Freedom XXL : 10GB
    Freedom XXXL : 10GB
    MSP 200 : 1GB
    MSP 400 : 10GB
    MSP 600 : 10GB
    MSP 900 : 10GB
    MSP 1200 : 10GB

    *Stream On quota also the same with “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” quota. Not in a separate quota

    Below is quota benefit for “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” for Freedom Internet Plus, Freedom Mini package and Starter Pack

    Benefit Freedom Internet Plus Freedom Mini SP Apps TANPA KUOTA + RP 1
    Apps Sehari-hari TANPA KUOTA 1GB Rp 40rb : 500MB
    2GB Rp 60rb : 500MB
    4GB Rp 80rb : 500MB
    5GB Rp 130rb : 500MB
    8GB Rp 160rb : 500MB
    Unlimited Internet
    Komplit 3 Hari
    Komplit 7 Hari
    100 MB
  • Do this “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” quota valid for 24 hour and can be used using 3G/2G network?

    This quota benefit is valid for 24 hours without time limit and you can accessed using all network 2G/3G/4G

  • How to check “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” Quota?

    You can check “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” quota using your MyIM3 application or you can type SMS “Usage” to 363

  • If “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” quota running out, can I buy extra quota to add my “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” quota?
    No, currently there are no special extra quota for “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota”. But you can buy extra quota to add your main quota or you can purchase Apps package from MyIM3 to access your favorite application
  • Do this quota “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” also applied for Data Rollover features ?

    No, this quota “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” will be reset after you renew your data package subsciption

  • Can I access the Application in “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” if the quota is already running out ?
    Yes you still can access those application eventhough your special benefit quota is running out. But, you will use your 4G Bonus quota (if available) and main quota. But if your package data quota is also empty you will get charged using retail tariff based on package you purchase.
  • Do this “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota”quota benefit can be used when I go abroad to another country ?
    No. This benefit can only be used for domestic use in Indonesia only
  • If I unsubscribe my data package, Do this kuota “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” quota still can be used ?
    No. When you subscribe your data package, this “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” quota benefit will also automatically be released and cannot be used. This is because “Apps Sehari-hari Tanpa Kuota” quota is stick to your main data package.