Introducing PayPro, a new way of paying from your handphone that brings even more liberation to IM3 Ooredoo customers. Enjoy the ultra-convenience of paying for everyday transactions and even monthly bills, anytime, anywhere, plus easy top-up and cash-in at thousands IM3 outlets near you.

Pay anything with PayPro through your handphone. From daily groceries and transportations to bill payments and money transfers.

To enjoy this convenience, all you have to do is register your PayPro account at *123*789# or myIM3 app now!

DOMPETKU USERS: Starting from 1 st July 2017, all Dompetku services will be switched over to PayPro. But no worries. You can continue to access your account by using the following from your IM3 Ooredoo handphone.

- Dial *123*789#
- Use PayPro services through myIM3 app







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  • What is electronic money?
    Electronic money is a virtual wallet that uses the Handphone Number as the account number. The virtual wallet can store money and be used for various activities/transactions such as purchases, paying bills, and transfers.
  • What is PAYPRO?
    PayPro is a server-based electronic money which uses a consumer’s cellular phone number as the ID and PIN to do payment transactions.
    With Paypro application, you can easily pay daily transactions such as electricity bills, water bills, phone bills, money transfer, mobile credit top-up, and many more.
  • What are PAYPRO benefits?
    By paying using PayPro, you can enjoy the following benefits:
    • Pay, purchase, and transfer money from your mobile phone
    • Easy to top-up through thousands of IM3 outlets
    • Hassle-free money transfer
    • Added benefits and privileges exclusively for IM3 Ooredoo customers
    • Safe and convenient way to do payment transactions
  • What are the categories of PayPro customers and what are the benefits of each category?
    PayPro consumers can be categorized as Regular or Premium users. The table below shows the benefits from each user category:
  • What are the benefits of PayPro for Indosat Ooredoo customers?
    There are several advantages of Indosat Ooredoo customers compare to non-Indosat Ooredoo customers:
    • Get cashback 20 % ( PLN, BPJS, Alfamart and Commuterline Transportation.
    • Get PayPro Sticker ( Cashback IDR 20K for first reload )

    *) Cashback is valid from April, 25 th 2017, during promo period.

  • How to register PayPro and what are the terms?
    To register, users must have an active mobile number. There are 3 ways to register:
    1. Register via UMB at *123*789# (IM3 prepaid and postpaid subscribers only)
    2. Register via the myIM3 app (IM3 prepaid and postpaid subscribers only)
      *(The new myIM3 application is available in playstore/appstore from 6 May 2017)
    3. Register via the PayPro app (non-IM3/Indosat users)
  • How to register on Paypro app?
    Download the app via Playstore (Android) or AppStore (iOS) then follow the instructions below:
    1. Enter your mobile number then click "Next."
    2. The verification code will be sent via SMS.
    3. Enter the verification code.
    4. Create your PIN.
    5. Select "Get started" to avail of a Regular Paypro account or select "Get Premium" to upgrade to Premium PayPro account.
  • How to become a premium PayPro customer?
    To upgrade to Premium PayPro account:
    1. Via UMB:
    • Access UMB *123*789#.
    • Choose menu 7 “My Setting”.
    • Choose menu 1 “Upgrade to Premium”.
    • Enter your mobile number, name, ID (KTP) number, and biological mother's name.
    • Customer will receive an SMS notification if registration is successful.
    1. Via MyIM3:
    • Go to PayPro menu
    • Choose “Account setting”
    • Choose “Upgrade to Premium”
    • Enter your ID (KTP) number
    • Enter your biological mother’s name
    • Select “Accept” if you have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
    • Customer will receive an SMS notification if registration is successful.
  • Can I have more than one PayPro account?
    Yes, you can have more than one PayPro account by using a different mobile number. One phone number can only be used for one PayPro account.
  • What are the features of PayPro?
    PayPro features that you can enjoy include:
    • Balance information and transaction history.
    • Top-up at ATM, Indosat Ooredoo outlet (IM3 customer only) and PayPro agent/partner.
    • Cash-in at Indosat Ooredoo outlet (Indosat Ooredoo customer only) and other outlets such as Alfamart, Indomaret.
    • Money transfer (to fellow PayPro user, bank accounts, cash transfer)
    • Top up PayPro sticker for Commuter Line
    • Purchase and bill payments such as PLN, BPJS, phone etc.
  • Are there minimum or maximum balance for PayPro account?
    There is no minimum balance; the maximum balance depends on the type of Paypro account you have. PayPro Regular has a maximum balance up to Rp1.000.000 while PayPro Premium has a maximum balance up to Rp10.000.000.
  • Does PayPro charge interest and administration fees?
    There are no interest and administrative charges, but certain transactions are subject to transaction charges and/or SMS charges.
  • What if I forget my PayPro PIN?
    Reset your PIN by calling the PayPro Call Center: 185 (Indosat Ooredoo user) 021-30008789 (non-Indosat Ooredoo user)
  • If my handset is lost, is my PayPro account gone too?
    If your handset was lost or stolen, it is advisable to go to an Indosat Ooredoo outlet to get a new card. Re-download myIM3 application then login again using the same ID.
  • If my mobile number is forfeited, is my PayPro balance and account also scorched?
    Do not worry, your PayPro balance is safe.
    1. If you use Indosat Ooredoo number, your balance is not lost and you can still withdraw cash at the nearest Indosat Ooredoo outlets in accordance with applicable terms.
    2. If your number is not an Indosat Ooredoo number, your PayPro balance on previous number can be transferred to another PayPro number.
  • My phone number is inactive. What about my PayPro balance?
    Your PayPro balance is still available and stored on the server. To get it back, you must re-activate your mobile number.
    If there is still a problem related to PayPro balance after your number re-activated, then you can contact the PayPro customer service (021- 30008789)
  • If my phone number has been inactive or is past the idle period, can I still receive remittances?
    Yes, you can still receive remittances.
  • I have made payment transactions with PayPro but did not get any notification. Was my transaction successful?
    You may view the last 5 transactions through the transaction history in 'Account Settings' via UMB 123 or myIM3 application.
  • I made a purchase/bill payment/money transfer transaction, but I incorrectly entered the destination number. Can I cancel the transaction?
    Confirmed transactions with PIN verification cannot be undone. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure all the information are correct before the confirmation.
  • What is the maximum amount of cash-in I can do at the store?
    The maximum amount of cash-in you can make is Rp10.000.000, but is dependent on funds available at the stores or merchants.
  • Are PayPro and Dompetku the same?
    Yes, Dompetku has changed its name to PayPro. Details can be seen in the info at the beginning.
  • If I already have Dompetku app, will it change automatically to PayPro?
    To migrate from Dompetku to PayPro, you have to download myIM3 app (for IM3 customers) or download PayPro app (for non-IM3 customers.)
  • What about my existing Dompetku account and balance?
    Your balance will not be lost while using PayPro.
  • I have paid a bill with PayPro and the transaction gone failed but my balance is deducted. How to call my balance?
    For PayPro inquiries, you can contact PayPro Call Center at 021-30008789. Service schedule: Monday – Sunday at 8 AM – 8 PM.
  • I have an IM3 number and want to know about PayPro products. Where should I look for the information?
    For IM3 customer, you may call 185 or Customer Service hotlines: (021) 30003000, (021) 54388888. You may also email CS@indosatooredoo.com or visit the website: im3ooredoo.com/PayPro
    • What is the KCJ PayPro Co-branding sticker (PayPro Sticker)?
      PayPro sticker is electronic money in the form of stickers that can be used to pay for KCJ transactions.
    • What transactions can I do with PayPro Stickers?
      Consumers can pay for Commuter Line fare by using the sticker to tap-in and tap-out at the gates of KRL stations.
    • Where can I get PayPro Stickers?
      Paypro stickers are currently available at 10 IndosatOoredoo outlets:







      1. INDOSAT









      Stickers will also be available at select Alfamart outlets near KCJ stations and select Indomaret stores* at Jabodetabek.
      (*Coming soon)

    • How much is the PayPro sticker price?
      You may avail of the PayPro stickers at the following prices:
      Rp20.000, available at Indosat outlets
      RP 23.000, available at Alfamart, and Indomaret*
      (*Coming soon)
    • How can I top-up PayPro Stickers?
      You can top-up your PayPro stickers in various ways:
      • Top-up via UMB *123*789# (Amount of top-up will be deducted from PayPro balance)
      • Top-up via myIM3 app that will available in Playstore at May 6th 2017 (Amount of top-up will be deducted from PayPro balance)
      • Top-up via 10 IndosatOoredoo outlets in Jabodetabek area (Amount of top-up will be deducted from PayPro balance)
      • Top-up via select Alfamart outlets (Source of top-up funds from cash)
      • Top-up via KCJ stations (Source of top-up funds from cash)
    • What is the minimum and maximum PayPro sticker top-up?
      Top-up minimum amount of Rp5.000 and maximum amount of Rp200.000* applies. Available top-up denominations as follows:
      • via UMB *123*789# & myIM3: Rp5.000, Rp10.000, Rp20.000, Rp50.000, and Rp100.000
      • Indosat store/Alfamart/ KJC counters: Rp20.000, Rp50.000, Rp100.000, Rp150.000, and Rp200.000*
      *Rp200.000 nominal is only available on vending machine/KCJ counters.
      Check the detail here
    • Can I convert my PayPro Sticker balance to cash?
      PayPro Sticker balance cannot be converted to cash. Balance can only be used to pay for Commuter line fares.
    • How much does each PayPro Sticker top-up cost?
      PayPro sticker admin fee applies depending on the top-up method used:
      • IndosatOoredoo store, fee Rp0
      • UMB, fee Rp2.000
      • myIM3 app, fee Rp2.000
      • Alfamart, fee Rp3.000
      • Station counter, fee Rp0
    • What are the requirements for getting a PayPro Sticker?
      There are no requirements. Everyone is eligible to own a PayPro sticker.
    • How do I find out my PayPro Sticker balance?
      Customers can view their available balance by tapping the PayPro sticker in any of the EDC machines/readers available at 10 IndosatOoredoo outlets, select Alfamart stores and KCJ stations.
    • Where I can use this PayPro Sticker?
      PayPro sticker is a Co-branding project with Multitrip-Card (KMT) owned by PT. KAI Commuter Jabodetabek (KCJ). The PayPro sticker can only be used for transactions at KCJ stations.
    • What can I purchase with this PayPro sticker?
      For now, PayPro stickers can only be used to pay for Commuter Line fare. Should there be any other usage options available in the future, we will notify users through the IndosatOoredoo or KCJ information channel.
    • If my PayPro sticker is lost/damaged, can it be replaced?
      Card usage is entirely the responsibility of the customer, so if the card is lost or damaged due to usage, it cannot be replaced.
    • When is this sticker available?
      PayPro stickers will be available on April 25th, 2017, at 10 IndosatOoredoo outlets and select Alfamart stores.
      Select IndosatOoredoo employees can get stickers at KPPTI outlets on 11 April.
    • Can I top-up at the station? If so, how?
      Approach the station counter, provide your PayPro sticker and cash at the counter officer.
    • How will I know the 16-digit sticker numbers if it has been erased?
      You may view the 16-digit sticker number by tapping on the vending machines or counters in the station. You may also use the EDC/readers in IndosatOoredoo outlets and select Alfamart outlets.
    • A message"KartuTidakDikenali" appeared when I tapped? What will I do?
      Lift the sticker from the reader gate and tap back on the gate, then wait for the gate to open.
    • Where is the right tap point for the PayPro Stickers on the gate?
      KCJ recommends tapping the sticker on the right or top right part of the gate reader.
    • If there is a problem with the Paypro Sticker, who can be contacted?
      For PayPro sticker inquiries or concerns, you may seek assistance via the KCJ service counters, or by calling the KCJ call center (121/021-121), PayPro call center (021 3000 8789). For IM3 users, you may call Indosat Hotline 185 or email PayPro : support@paypro.id
    • What is the IM3 PayPro up to 25K McDonald’s discount program?
      This program is exclusively for IM3 PayPro users who make purchases at any McDonald’s outlet using his/her PayPro credits on a Wednesday will be entitled to a up to 25K discount.
    • When is the period of this promo?
      This promo is valid from October 4, 2017 - March 31, 2018.
    • How do I enjoy the promo?
      You can enjoy the promo by making a purchase at any McDonald’s outlet on a Wednesday using your PayPro credits, and your purchase will be discounted up to 25K.
    • Is this up to 25K Discount at McDonald’s program valid every day?
      No, the up to 25K Discount at McDonalds program is only valid every Wednesday.
    • What items on the McDonald’s menu can I get up to 25K discount on?
      This program is valid for all McDonald’s menu items
    • Is the up to 25K McDonald’s discount valid for both dine-in and takeaway?
    • Is this up to 25K Discount at McDonald’s program valid for delivery service?
    • Is this up to 25K Discount at McDonald’s program valid for Drive Thru orders?
    • Is there a minimum purchase to get the discount?
      No, as long as Customer complies with the valid Terms & Conditions.
    • Is the discount earned always IDR 25,000 for all nominal purchases?
      No, the discount is 20% for a nominal purchase under IDR 125,000. Example: customer makes a purchase at Mc Donald for IDR 50,000, then the discounted nominal value is IDR 10,000 (not IDR 25,000).
    • Is there a discount cap (maximum amount of discount in IDR)?
      Yes, the maximum amount that you can enjoy on every transaction is IDR 25,000. For example: Customer makes a purchase at McDonald’s for the amount of IDR 150,000; the discount nominal received will be IDR 25,000 (not IDR 30,000) and the total that has to be paid is IDR 125,000.
    • Can I get multiple discounts on one transaction?
    • How do I make a purchase at McDonald’s using IM3 PayPro?
      You can make a payment simply by scanning the QR Code.
      1. Inform the McDonald’s cashier that you will be paying using IM3 PayPro
      2. Cashier will hand you a print of the QR Code corresponding to the amount of your purchase.
      3. Scan the QR code from the “Pay Merchant” menu on the myIM3 app
      4. The nominal that needs to be paid will be automatically discounted.
      5. Enter your PayPro PIN to confirm your payment
      6. If transaction is successful, Cashier will give you a receipt from the EDC as proof of payment.
    • How do I go to the “Pay Merchant” menu on myIM3?
      Follow these steps:
      1. Open myIM3 app
      2. Tap on the taskbar (hamburger) menu on the top left
      3. Choose the “PayPro Pay/Buy” menu
      4. Choose “Other Services” and then “Pay Merchant”
      5. Tap on the camera icon to scan the QR Code
    • How many times can I get the up to 25K discount at McDonald’s?
      This promo is valid for 1x transaction with 1 PayPro account in a day.
    • At which McDonald’s outlets can I enjoy the up to 25K discount?
      This up to 25K discount promo is valid at every McDonald’s outlets nationwide.
    • Can this up to 25K Discount promo be combined with other promos?
  • What is the IM3 PayPro Program get 50% Extra Top-Up?
    This program is only for IM3 Paypro customers who top up their PayPro stickers at Commuterline stations during the event to get 50% top up bonus.
  • When is the program period?
    This program starts September 27, 2017 and ends November 28, 2017.
  • How do I participate in this program?
    You can enjoy the benefits of this program simply by topping up your PayPro sticker at PayPro booths at selected stations during the event.
  • Which CommuterLine stations will the event and program be held?
    The event and grand opening of PayPro booths will be held in 4 selected stations: Bogor, Gondangdia, Sudirman, and Palmerah.
  • How do I find out about the booth opening schedule?
    The booth opening timetable can be seen on www.indosatooredoo.com/PayPro or below: Jadwal Promo Commuterline
  • What if I don’t have a PayPro sticker yet?
    Paypro sticker can be bought at PayPro booths for IDR 50,000 with IDR 20,000 credits loaded and you can use it instantly on CommuterLine trips.
  • How do I get the 50% Extra Top-Up?
    The 50% Extra Top-Up will be loaded into Customer’s PayPro account. If Customer does not have a PayPro account yet, then they can register at the booth.
  • What’s the example of getting the 50% Extra Top-Up?
    Customer tops up their PayPro sticker with IDR 50,000 denomination at a PayPro booth. Then Customer receives bonus or additional IDR 25,000 topped up into their PayPro account (wallet) automatically.
  • Is there a minimum amount of PayPro sticker top-up?
    Yes, the minimum amount is IDR 20,000.
  • What are the top-up amounts customer can choose from?
    Customer may choose from nominals IDR 20,000; IDR 50,000; IDR 100,000; IDR 150,000; and IDR 200,000.
  • Is there maximum top-up amount for PayPro sticker?
    Yes, Customer can only top-up their PayPro sticker until the credits reach IDR 1,000,000.
  • Is there maximum amount of Extra Top-Up Customer can enjoy?
    Yes. The maximum Extra Top Up 50% nominal is IDR 30,000. For example: if Customer tops up their PayPro account with IDR 100,000 credits, then the Extra Top Up (bonus) amount that they can enjoy is only IDR 30,000 (not IDR 50,000).
  • do I know when my PayPro sticker credits have been updated according to the top-up amount I purchased at the booth?
    Customer can tap their PayPro sticker onto the reader available at PayPro booths and activation/credit balance checking machines available at many stations.
  • Where can I top up my PayPro sticker after the event has ended?
    PayPro sticker can be reloaded at CommuterLine station ticket booths or at Alfamart around and in many stations.

PayPro Services, General Terms and Conditions

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