Now everything is better with myIM3. You can check your credit balance, bills, data usage and bonus, 24/7 from anywhere. More exciting with special offers and promotions. Only available through myIM3.
myIM3 can be used by all Indosat Ooredoo customers; IM3, Mentari and Matrix.


Receive exclusive offers and recommendations. Only available through the myIM3 app.


Save your money. Customise data usage on all your apps with the smart data control feature, with the new myIM3 app.


With myIM3, you can check your credit balance, data usage and bonus in an easier way. This smart application allows you to easily manage your account 24/7 from anywhere.


Need to top up your credit balance, subscribe or change your data plan? With myIM3, you can do this from the comfort of your home using your smartphone.


Billing Information
Check your pre-paid balance or post-paid bills

SIM Information
See your PIN and PUK numbers

Network Coverage
Find the 4G network area closest to you

Store Locator
Find Indosat Ooredoo outlet locations

Store Online Booking
Book an appointment at an Indosat Ooredoo outlet

Change your profile settings

myIM3 FAQs

  • What is myIM3?
    myIM3 is a digital service from Indosat Ooredoo that provide information and service request of Indosat Ooredoo customers.
  • What services are provided by myIM3?
    myIM3 provides :
    • Customer Profile
    • Card Information
    • Register Package
    • Package Usage Information
    • Billing Postpaid
    • Reload
  • How can I access myIM3?
    You can access from your smart device (such as : smartphone and tablet). Do registration and use your username and password to access myIM3.
  • What if forgot my password?
    You can click 'Forgot Password' link on the login area and follow the instructions.
  • What would happened if I access from my smart device?
    myIM3 will automatically display information about myIM3 and link to download myIM3 from Google PlayStore and Apple AppsStore
  • How do I get PUK number?
    Select 'Others' menu then select 'View PUK'
  • How to view my invoice?
    Select 'Billing' menu, then select 'View Billing Info' menu.
  • How to do voucher reload?
    Select 'Voucher Refill' menu, then follow the instructions
  • What is the different between myCare and myIM3 application?
    myIM3 is the latest version of self-care application from Indosat Ooredoo.
  • How does Control Data Usage feature works?
    Control Data Usage is a feature that enables customers to control the data usage and application on their smartphone effectively. Choose menu ‘Control Data Usage’ from dropdown menu and click on the ‘Data Saving Mode’ button and choose the applications you often use to activate it.
  • Does each of myIM3 account can only be used by 1 Indosat Ooredoo number?
    Each myIM3 account can be used to manage multiple Indosat Ooredoo numbers. Click 'Add/Delete Number' from dropdown menu to add/delete the numbers you manage in myIM3 account.
  • Why do I receive different package offer in myIM3 from my friend which also have myIM3 application?
    myIM3 has distinct feature that can identify customer’s behaviour and come up with the best offer that suits each customer. This mean each customer might have different offer from the other.

Terms & Conditions myIM3

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