Transfer Pulsa

Balance Transfer service allows prepaid subscribers Ooredoo Indosat (Mentari and IM3 Ooredoo Ooredoo) and postpaid (Matrix Ooredoo Auto) to share balance to friends, family or people nearby were running out of credit. In addition to adding the main balance, these services can add to the active period of the recipient.

Balance transfer feature can be enjoyed by customers with age or the card or has been active for a minimum 181 days.

With the transfer balance, subscribers can share up to Rp 200,000 per day


How To Transfer

via SMS

  • Send SMS to 151 with the format: TRANSFERPULSANumberNOMINAL
    Example: Transferpulsa 08151234567 5000 and send to 151
  • Follow the instructions on the SMS received, and confirm the delivery in accordance with TOKEN given to process the credit transfer.
    Send SMS to 151 with the format: OK[TOKEN]
  • The successful delivery of the SMS notification will be received and the cost of Rp 600 will be charged for each transfer.

via UMB

  • Prabayar (IM3 Ooredoo & Mentari Ooredoo)
    Press *123*151# and follow the instructions.


    TRANSFER PULSA is a service that allows customers to send/share the credit to other Indosat Ooredoo subscribers.
  • How to do TRANSFER PULSA?
    TRANSFER PULSA can be done by sending an SMS to 151 : TRANSFERPULSANumberNOMINAL or by calling *123*151# from the phone
  • Who can do TRANSFER PULSA?
    All Indosat Ooredoo subscribers who already have a card aged more than 180 days, balance transfer can be enjoyed at day 181.
  • How much is TRANSFER PULSA fee?
    Rp 600 per successful transaction.
  • Are there any changes from the previous TRANSFER PULSA services in addition to changes in the minimum age of the card?
  • No change in addition to the minimum age of 181 days to be able to perform this service, the following points are still following the previous provisions.

    • No change mechanism to transfer, same keywords and access code.
    • Transfer fee is still Rp 600/transaction.
    • Maximum accumulation of daily transactions: Rp 200,000 per mobile number.
    • Minimal owned pulse after credit transfer and transfer fee deduction Rp 600, must leave Rp 5.000.
    • There are no restrictions on Transfer Pulsa frequency (only restriction accumulation denom)
    • There are no restrictions on the frequency and denom to accept credit transfer.
    • Both the sender and recipient are both in the active period (not in the grace period)
    • No changes at the recipient additions active period balance transfer, fixed in accordance with the following table, with similar method takes the longest active period (not accumulative)
    • The addition of the active period on the recipient will not reduce the sender active period.

    Nominal Validity
    0 - <2K 0
    2 - <5K 0
    5 - <10K 3
    10 - <20K 7
    20 - <25K 15
    25 - <50K
    50 - <100K 22
    100 - <150K 30
    150 - <200K 45

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