Customers who access call center premium with special access codes such as 1500-XXX and 140-XX will be charged with special tariff:

Access Code Prepaid Rates
(Include VAT )
Postpaid Rates
(Exclude VAT)
1500-XYZ Rp 990/minute Rp 900/minute
140-XY Rp 935/30 seconds Rp 170/6 seconds

FAQ Premium Call Service

  • What is Premium Call Service?
    It is telephony value added service provided by information service provider (Call Center, Content Provider). Every provider of this services has calling number with special format
  • How much tarif for this premium call service from cellular number?
    Premium call service has different tariff scheme from retail tariff
  • Can I use quota to all operators on voice package for this premium call service?
    No, quota on voice package cannot be used for this premium call service
  • Is this service available for all Indosat subscriber?
    Yes, this service is available for cellular prepaid and postpaid subscriber