International Roaming Rates

Saudi Arabia

By using Indosat Ooredoo in Saudi Arabia, maximum abroad internet tariff is Rp 30.000/day and applied on all operators. For Matrix Ooredoo members, you could monitor your roaming usage by texting code PUL and send to 777. This feature will allow you preventing roaming bill surge.

Enjoy the cheapest rates for phone and SMS

Promo Hajj

Special promo for all Indosat Ooredoo customers currently in Saudi Arabia performing the Hajj, enjoy FREE 2 minutes of incoming calls every day and UNLIMITED Internet for only Rp30.000/day. Hajj Promo Info could be accessed through *122#

Rates Promo Hajj


Tariff (Rp)

Out call to Indonesia/minute


Out call to local/minute


Out call to International/minute


In call/minute




Maximum data usage limit per day


10-day Data Pack


Note: Data/internet usage retail tariff Rp 275/KB will be applied until it reaches maximum usage of Rp 30.000/day. Henceforth, you could enjoy unlimited internet for free until 23:59 WIB.

Promo Hajj Package

Services Benefit Rates (Rp) Active Period
Internet Package Internet Unlimited 250,000 10 days
Call Package, SMS 25 min call to Indonesia
25 min receive call
25 SMS

Call Package, SMS
& Internet

30 min call to Indonesia
30 min receive call
30 SMS
Internet Unlimited


  • Untuk internetan dan Blackberry harian dapat langsung digunakan, tidak perlu melakukan registrasi.
  • Untuk Paket Data Roaming HARUS melakukan registrasi terlebih dahulu.
  • Cara Registrasi, Cek paket & Cek Sisa Paket Hajj:
    Layanan Cara Registrasi Masa Aktif
    Paket Data *122*310# 10 hari
    Paket Telepon dan SMS *122*311#
    Paket Telepon, SMS dan Data *122*312#
  • Cek Paket tekan *122*313#
  • Cek Sisa Paket tekan *122*314#
  • Saldo akan dipotong langsung setelah registrasi berhasil dan masa aktif paket akan dihitung setelah Anda sampai di Arab Saudi (Loc up).


Operator Prepaid Postpaid Internet
Saudi Telecom Company OK OK GPRS/3G/LTE*
Mobily OK OK GPRS/3G

* To enjoy 4G LTE network while abroad, make sure you have :
- Changing your SIM card to USIM 4G.
- Using mobile device (phone) that supports 4G LTE.
- Call Customer Service Indosat Ooredoo to ensure that 4G LTE Roaming feature has been activated on your number.


Activate Roaming Service before departure by dialing 185 (Matrix Ooredoo) or +62 21 54388888.

Subscriber less than 12 months will need Direct Debit, Credit Card or cash deposit in the amount of Rp1,500,000 for payment.

Subscriber ≥12 months can activate International Roaming service without any requirements.

VIP and VVIP subscribers also can instantly activate International Roaming service once subscribers become VIP and will be informed on welcome greeting.

International Roaming service will be activated automatically. Make sure your card has enough credit balance when roaming until arriving back in Indonesia.
Reload credit:

  1. Dial *556*Kode_Voucher# then press OK/YES.
  2. Via electronic top up or ATM across Indonesia.
  3. Ask your closed one in Indonesia to reload by dialing *122*6*Your Family Number#.


For postpaid subscribers: +6281612020

For prepaid subscribers : +6281612050

Via UMB : *122# OK or YES

  1. Once you have arrived abroad, you will receive SMS from INDOSATROAM. Save this SMS to help you stay connected while travelling abroad. SMS will contain:
    • Roaming tariff information
    • Address and phone number of Indonesian Embassy
    • Guidance to check bills
    • Guidance to reload credit from abroad
  2. Postpaid subscribers can check their bills by typing PUL and send it to 777.
  3. BlackBerry (BB) subscribers must have activated domestic BB package before roaming. BB roaming features will follow BB domestic features. For example, subscribers who register BB Gaul in Indonesia will also get BB Gaul benefits while roaming.
  4. Roaming Data Control is a feature to monitor data or Internet usage while roaming. SMS with usage information will be sent while the usage is still below the limit and once the usage exceeds the limit data service will be blocked (voice & SMS are still available).
  5. To check data roaming usage:
  6. To check data roaming usage:
    • UMB : *122*2*5# OK or Yes
    • SMS : Type DATA(space)ROAM send to 777
  7. To unblock data service:
    • UMB : *122*2*6#
    • SMS : Type UNBLOCK send to 777
    • Contact Center : +6281612020 (from abroad)
    • Note : After unblocking, data usage will not be limited.
  8. For Indosat Ooreedo members abroad, voice mail service remains active and costs applicable roaming tariff.
  9. Applicable tariff for international roaming subscriber is accordance to making and receiving call tariff.
  1. Voice, SMS, Internet, and BlackBerry rates apply to all operators.
  2. Rates apply to postpaid and prepaid subscribers & include 10% VAT.
  3. Time band uses WIB/WITA/WIT.
  4. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice, be sure to check roaming rates, promo, and services by dialing *122# or contact Indosat Ooredoo Call Center.
  5. Roaming rates do not include Maritime and Satellite networks. Click here for Satellite Network and Click here for Maritime Network Tariff.
  6. Use cellular device that is compatible with Indosat Ooredoo roaming partners’ networks.
  7. The availability of roaming services depends on Indosat Ooredoo roaming partners’ coverage, specification, and compatibility.
  8. For Indosat Ooredoo Postpaid Credit Limit users:
    • While travelling abroad, Credit Limit can only be used for data usage. Voice & SMS usage will not reduce the credit limit.
    • An SMS alert will be sent when data usage reaches specific amount.
    • If the limit is gone, data service cannot be used while roaming.
    • You can reload through banking service or electronic voucher to be able to use your data again.
  9. Internet and BlackBerry Promo Rates above are valid until limit time has not been determined.
  10. The quality of communication services following the network quality of service in the country of destination.
  11. Make sure the menu roaming in mobile data services are turn on. For Examples on Samsung and Huawei device :
    Setting -> More Network -> Mobile Network -> Data Roaming -> check for Data Roaming activation
  1. Every Indosat Ooredoo customer (prepaid and postpaid) already has the voice mail service without having to register.
  2. Voice mail service is active when the destination number is unreachable (off, out of coverage, busy, etc.)
  3. Postpaid customer can create a personal greeting for the voice mail service; does not apply for prepaid customer.
  4. The maximum duration of a personal greeting is 5 minutes.
  5. The applicable tariff to customize a personal greeting or to listen to a message is Rp 200/call
  6. A voice message can only be recorded if over 6 seconds in duration
  7. The maximum duration of a voice message is 5 minutes
  8. Customer can record multiple voice messages
  9. Message will be saved o server for maximum 30 days (prepaid members) and 60 days for postpaid members.
  10. Tariff charged on A# when saving message is taken from voice bonus quota or applicable base price on each package (service class). For off-net A#, base price is applied.
  11. For Indosat Ooreedo members abroad, voice mail service remains active and costs applicable roaming tariff.
  12. Applicable tariff for international roaming subscriber is accordance to making and receiving call tariff.

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