Travel On!

Enjoy internet experience to explore Indonesia.

Hi travelers and tourists, welcome to Indonesia! With TravelOn, enjoy the convenience of using internet, phone calls and texting while you are exploring Indonesia with the strong 4G PLUS connection from IM3Ooredoo.

Travel On 5GB

Main Quota 5GB

25 minutes call to IM3 Ooredoo

5 minutes call to others

25 SMS to IM3 Ooredoo

5 SMS to others

30 minutes international call


Validity10 days

Travel On 20GB

Main Quota 12GB


Night Quota 8GB

50 minutes to IM3 Ooredoo number

10 minutes to others

50 SMS to IM3 Ooredoo number

10 SMS to others

60 minutes international call


Validity10 days


  • What is the new SP TravelON Package?
    It’s a new package that is specifically tailored for tourist
  • Why as a Tourist I should get this one?
    The package bundled with unbeatable benefit exclusively for travelers like you
  • What is validity of SP TravelON Package?
    The SP tourist package has a validity of 10 days upon registration
  • Where can I get SP TravelON Package?
    You can get SP Tourist at our authorized partners
  • How do I check my balance and validity?
    You can check it through MyIM3 apps, if you don’t have it please download through Apps store / Google Play
  • How do I use my free minutes call overseas?
    Just simply dial 01016 + Country no + Destination no | Note that free calls only applies at selected countries such as China, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and India
  • Does the auto-renewal scheme applicable to this package (TravelOn)
    Unfortunately, no
  • What if I want to buy more quota?
    You can buy more extra quota (add-on) at *123#. First you need to select menu number 2, pick which package that suit your needs, and you will receiving following notifications via SMS “Selamat! Pkt Extra Kuota + Speed Booster kamu sdh aktif: 1GB 24Jam+ 4GB(01-06)+ 1GB SpeedBooster Apps. Masa aktif mengikuti pkt utama. Info *123# atau myIM3"

    EXTRA Quota



    Rp 10K 


    • Kuota Utama: 1GB
    • Kuota Malam: 4GB
    • Speed Booster: 1GB

    Rp 25K 


    • Kuota Utama: 3GB
    • Kuota Malam: 7GB
    • Speed Booster: 3GB

    Rp 40K 


    • Kuota Utama: 5GB
    • Kuota Malam: 10GB
    • Speed Booster: 5GB
  • How do I use my free minutes to domestic call?
    Just dial +62 (Indonesia Code Number) + 12345678 (mobile phone number)

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