Pulsa Darurat

Don't lose communication because you run out of credit. Call and SMS to all Operators and buy packages in any situation with Pulsa Darurat.

Get Pulsa Darurat up to Rp. 20,000 that you can return later when you’re Top Up

Press *505#

How To Pay

You will pay Pulsa Darurat when top up plus service fees according to the service fees table. Example: If you use Emergency Credit Rp. 2,000, there will be an additional service fee of IDR 500.

Following is the mechanism for topping up to IDR 10,000:

  • Rp 7.500 will be added to main balance
  • Rp 2.000 will be used to pay SOS Balance
  • Rp 500 will be used to pay SOS Balance service fee automatically

Tariff Pulsa Darurat

  • SMS All Operators

    Rp 200/SMS

  • Nelpon to IM3


  • Nelpon All Operators


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  • What is Pulsa Darurat?
    Pulsa Darurat is an emergency balance service to Prepaid users. The Balance will be added as Pulsa Darurat that can be used to do call (all domestic Operators), SMS (all domestic operators), and package purchase activities.
    Nilai Pulsa Darurat Validity
    1,000 2 days
    2,000 2 days
    4,000 2 days
    5,000 5 days
    6,000 5 days
    8,000 5 days
    10,000 5 days
    15,000 10 days
    20,000 15 days
  • What are the criteria for using Pulsa Darurat service?

    You must meet the following conditions to be able to use this service:

    • Valid for prepaid customer.
    • Active period of the sim card >= 3 months.
    • Main credit < 2.500.
    • Already do payment for previous Pulsa Darurat
  • What is the mechanism for this service?
    • The mechanism are:
      • Every time you finish using Main balance, if you on the criteria list, system will send you “Pulsa Darurat” offer via SMS
      • If you accept and respond to the offer, then system will inject Pulsa Darurat with confirmed amount
      • Pulsa Darurat validity period (refer to FAQ table no. 1)
  • How to get Pulsa Darurat?

    You can get Pulsa Darurat through this channels:

    • Respond to SMS Pulsa Darurat Offer with reply to 505 with keyword : YA
    • Access UMB *505# and follow the instructions
  • How do I pay for the loan balance?

    Payment are made when you do top up main balance, such as physical voucher, electric voucher, bank / ATM and online channel. Not valid for SMS and Data balance purchases Loan repayments are made at the amount of loan balance plus service fee. Here is the table of service fee for each category:

    Request Nilai PULSA Darurat Bea Jasa Maksimal Validity
    Pulsa Darurat 1K 1,000 450 2
    Pulsa Darurat 2K 2,000 800 2
    Pulsa Darurat 4K 4,000 1,600 2
    Pulsa Darurat 5K 5,000 2,250 5
    Pulsa Darurat 6K 6,000 2,700 5
    Pulsa Darurat 8K 8,000 3,200 5
    Pulsa Darurat 10K 10,000 4,000 5
    Pulsa Darurat 15K 15,000 4,500 10
    Pulsa Darurat 20K 20,000 6,000 15

    * Service Fee amount based on credit scoring

  • How many times can I get this ‘Pulsa Darurat’ offer?
    System will send you Pulsa Darurat offer minimum 1 time / day
  • Does this program apply to all Indosat Ooredoo users in Indonesia?
    This program apply to all Indosat Ooredoo Prepaid users, and not apply to Postpaid and IM2 users
  • What kind of service can use this loan balance?

    You can use Pulsa Darurat for domestic call, domestic SMS, and can’t be used for Data, International call, International SMS, and all package (voice, data, etc)

  • Bisa digunakan untuk apa saja sih Pulsa Darurat ini ?
    Pulsa Darurat bisa kamu gunakan untuk Telepon, SMS Domestik, dan pembelian paket (paket telepon, paket data, dll)
  • Gimana cara saya membayar kembali Pulsa Darurat nya ?
    Saat kamu reload, system akan memotong pulsa (MA) sebesar nilai pinjaman dan ditambah bea jasa.
  • How do I repay the Loan balance?
    When you top up, system will deduct Main Balance (MA) in the amount of loan value plus service fee
  • Can this Pulsa Darurat be paid from the transfer balance?
    Cannot. Payment only can be done by top up balance
  • What about when I do top up balance and I still have Pulsa Darurat remaining, can it still be used?
    If you reload while the remaining Pulsa Darurat still available, the your Pulsa Darurat will be used first until 0 ( Term & Condition of use), then your main balance will be used
  • How much is the tariff with Pulsa Darurat?
    Here are communication tariff use Pulsa Darurat:
    Tarif Ke Semua Operator Waktu Tariff
    Telepon ke sesama Indosat Ooredoo Per Detik Rp. 5
    Telfon Ke Semua Operator Per Detik Rp. 17
    SMS ke Semua Operator SMS Rp. 200
  • How to unsubscribe from this package?
    This service is not subscription based service so there is no extension of service
  • Can Transfer Balance be used to pay Pulsa Darurat?
    No. Only top up balance (via physical voucher, electric voucher, bank, PayPro) can be used to pay Pulsa Darurat

Terms & Conditions

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